Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cabarete Spring Festival

Aaron Matthew Music Cabarete Spring Festival OrganizerSaturday April 8th 2017 sets its mark in Cabarete history for a new event that celebrates the local music and arts. Musician and community resident Aaron (Aaron Matthew Music) took the initiative to gather (in particular) students, teachers and organizations to showcase the levels of development and performance of arts and music in the community. The festival is an all day event and presents 9 music acts and 12 artisans.

LC: What inspired you to do the festival?
I have been trying to get a day festival together for years in Cabarete. It's full of diverse talented musicians here, but we are limited on opportunities to perform and hold real concerts. I wanted to find a way to provide that opportunity to the local music scene as well as the opportunity to the community to experience an event like this one.

LC: What is the essence and the goal of the event?
Aaron: With this event, we hope to highlight the students, teachers, organizations, and professionals that are working everyday to directly support the arts as well as create it. We hope to encourage and inspire the student musicians and artists in our community and give them the chance to perform on stage and to see their teachers and other professionals performing. Over the past few years there has been a steady growth of musicians and artists locally. With this event we want to show our community that these artists exist and are seeking ways to share their art with the community and world. We hope to bring our diverse community together under the umbrella of music and art.

LC: Can you describe the expectations you have for this Saturday?
Aaron: Expectations are dangerous and most likely bad for our health. What I hope comes from this event is that after it is done, the students of the arts, their teachers, and all involved are inspired and encouraged to continue to create. I hope that Cabarete will be more noticed for its art and music. I expect to see lots of families and older crowd during the afternoon for the student performaces and to see the younger locals and tourist out for the artists and bands at night, but I hope that the whole day is full of people who come to hear music, to see art, and to support our efforts in creative expression.

The festival starts at noon, the location is right on the beach at The HotSpot Company
Contact Cabarete Spring Festival for more information. 

This is what Cabarete has on display for tomorrow: 

Cabarete Spring Festival Poster 2017


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