Sunday, December 17, 2017
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About Lifestyle Cabarete is a social community website for the local as well as for the international community. People come, people go and people stay. We want to offer content and interaction for anyone with an interest in unique Cabarete.

The news section gives our readers the opportunity to stay tuned in on what’s going on in Cabarete and what’s coming up on the social calendar. We like to focus our content around people and personal experiences, but some of our contributors help us expand our selection of articles to cover as much as we can from buzzing Cabarete. We highly appreciate input and tips from our readers, to make an entertaining website for all.

Events Calendar
The Cabarete Social Events Calendar is open for everyone* who wants to promote events and activities in the Cabarete area.
Send us your requests or information to:

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+1 829 979 2134

Comment and discuss news, pictures and events with other readers. Share opinions and tips. Becoming a member is optional, you can still comment on articles with the approval of the webmaster. We look forward to hearing your opinion.

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