Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Stories Untold: Barrio Blanco’s Haitian Women

barrio blanco ladiesOver the last few years Barrio Blanco has received a gift. Once known as the most dangerous part of town, a place no one went into, is now transformed. Thanks to Ron Zauner and the Providing Opportunity For Self Improvement organization, many lives have changed for the better thanks to generous donations from big hearts accross the world. However, there are still some voices that need to be heard; such as the voices of the women. We are bringing you their stories in this series of 5 one-on-one interviews about the strong Haitian women building houses in Barrio Blanco - for self improvement.

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A Father’s Love

fathers day cabarete“Being a father is hard.”
You may have heard this phrase before, specially from other parents. But there’s something really big, important and rewarding about male parenting. 





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Coloring Cabarete Through the Arts

Creatividad en Pote“The kids actually call me ‘Miss Nice,’” shares Emma Nice Grullon Balaguer, interior designer, illustrator of children’s books, and founder of Creatividad en Pote. Indeed, the name could describe Balaguer’s heartfelt, proactive movement to color young lives through creativity. The Dominican-born visionary has established a multi-cultural school for the arts, with a side of science, using recycled, organic materials.

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How New Year's Resolutions Become Realities

Beach in the Dominican RepublicA few years ago, I ushered in the New Year with bare feet and new friends, just beyond the border of plush chaise lounges that extend Cabarete’s beach bars toward the open sea. Fireworks shot into the sky, and our international crew of traveling surfers gazed upward, into bright stars and dreams for the New Year. We didn’t talk about our resolutions, not then, anyway, but I know we all hoped that this would be the year we stuck to our best intentions.

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High Season Knocking on Our Door

Cabarete beachCabarete is an all-year destination with event, activities, sports and fun, but peaks from December to April. We are almost there, and we can tell with all the events happening everywhere. Town is buzzing with expectations and business owners and residents are dusting the corners and getting ready for the Christmas Rush. Are you curious what Cabarete has on its schedule this season? You can find out in our Event Calendar!

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Bringing Christmas to Barrio Blanco

Christmas in Barrio BlancoNever a big holiday person, one of my first impressions of Cabarete in December was the relative absence of commercialized Christmas. In the US, Christmas starts just after Thanksgiving and consumes every TV, radio, and signpost along the way.  I remember joking to a friend while booking my trip: “Where can I go where I won’t be force-fed ‘Christmas cheer?’”


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Tattoos and Yoga - Fatima's Yin and Yang

FatimaPeople from all over the world are joining the community in Cabarete and among them are a lot of creative artists. We had an interview with Fatima Frias who just opened a new tattoo studio in Cabarete.




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Colorful Weekend in Cabarete

Cabarete Music and ArtsCabarete Music & Arts Festival literally painted town red this past weekend! More than 15 murals and light poles were painted and decorated by local and international artists participating in this first cultural festival organized by independent artists, creative people and entrepreneurs with a passion to create and share their music and arts with the public.



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