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Want a Dominican dog?

Female pup looking for a home at Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic - photo credit dogsandcatsdr.comChances are that if you like dogs that over the course of life you already fell in love a couple of times with a street mutt with whom you had an instant connection, no matter the appearance of the dog.  Looking into those big trusting eyes you just knew that essentially you were meant to be together. 

If your life situation allows for one, you take him in.  If not, you give him some food, wish him all the best and hope that someone else will take him in soon.


Dominican dogs
Little male dog looking for a home at Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic - photo credit dogsandcatsdr.comDominican street dogs, like everywhere around the world, tend to be a mix of all kinds of races and are usually strong. Life on the street is hard and usually either kills the animal or makes it stronger. There are a number veterinarians and rescue centers in the Sosua Cabarete area who will immunize and sterililze stray animals to help reduce the stray population, as well as increase the quality of life of those still on the streets.  If you’re actively looking for a dog, or a cat, have a look at the fenced in gardens of Dr Bob. The odds are better than good that you will find the pet you are looking for. Or check out the other animal rescue centers listed below.

Bringing your new-found pet back to your home country
If you’re on holiday in Cabarete and have found your new best friend, you will want to bring him back home. The process is not as onerous as some might think. First you need to make sure your dog is healthy and has all the necessary shots. If you got him from a rescue center chances are he will already have received most of the shots needed for travel. An up-to-date rabies vaccine must also be administered just before travelling. Just ask a local rescue center of vet for help.

18 months female dog looking for a home at Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic - photo credit dogsandcatsdr.comNot ready to commit but want to help?
If you have any veterinary skills you will be in high demand. If you don’t, don’t worry. Your help will still be much appreciated. Have a look at the websites of the different animal rescue centers in the area who will be more than happy if you pass by and offer help.

Dogs and cats of the Dominican Republic

Judy’s Pet Lodge aka Friends of the Animals of Sosua
Animal Rescue

International organization World Vets has also been sending veterinary teams to the Puerto Plata area for many years. The objective of these visits has been to support local efforts in providing free veterinary services, and in making routine veterinary care more accessible for local animals. This year World Vets will send a team to Cabarete in November to provide a large scale spay/neuter and animal health campaign.

6 month old dog looking for a home at Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic - photo credit dogsandcatsdr.comVeterinary services
Maybe you found your new pet where so many are found, cowering in a small alley way rummaging around rubbish for food scraps. Technically too young to be away from the mum but still out on his own. Already looking scabby and undernourished. Apart from a good wash and food, also bring your newest addition to a vet to get him checked out. In the Cabarete – Sosua area there are two vets with a heart of gold: Dr Bob and Dr De La Cruz.
Dog looking for a home at Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic2 - photo credit

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