Sunday, December 17, 2017

Poetry Jam - A poem by Sharon

Sharon performing at the Poetry Jam at The Honey Company, CabareteYesterday’s first ever poetry slam at the Honey Company was a resounding success with around a dozen people sharing their poems, followed by live music. Seated outside with the performers doing their thing on the patio of the Honey Company, the crowd was very much impressed by the quality of the poems. Ranging from funny to philosophic, every single poem was unique in its own way and greeted either with many laughs or enthusiastic applause.

One of the poems that stood out for its originality and the lively performance by the reader is reproduced below. Future poetry slam events will be organized so keep an eye on the events calendar if you too want to read out your poetic ponderings or want to hear what others have composed.


Woke up one morning to a crazy new time
Trying to shift to happy with a new paradigm
Tired of seeing world disasters in real time
Tired of the palpable political slime
Tired of the visual residual crime
Tired of the derails, the chemtrails, they’re messing with our food
Flouridated water, they’re messing with our mood
Stock market dives again
1 percenters regret, tired of the fear mongers
Hottest summer yet!!  You bet!

Poetry Jam at The Honey Company in CabareteHow to shift to happy with a positive gain

Tired of downloading this crap into my brain
Don’t even want to let this shit inside my head

         should I take on something new, without getting out of bed??  Instead?
         How what why, how to: why not?
         YouTube:  what have you got?
How to wrap a bat handle, how to make a crayon candle, how to clean a stab wound,
How to keep a piano tuned.
How to make flip flops from a yoga mat, how to force feed your domestic cat
                                                                                                        How to shuck an oyster, how to join a cloister, how to form a mosh pit
Poetry Jam at The Honey Company in CabareteHow to squeeze a zit??!
How to perform an emergency tracheotomy.  
So you see….there is no end…to this knowledge
          so hey kids, why even go to college?
How to make and do everything from a to z…so…
Forget all the negative,   screw the travesty
How to have a more productive day, how to make hot lingerie
How to make a plastic spoon flower, how to have a happy hour
How to use a coat hanger to open a car door,
Does anybody really need to know…how to do that anymore?
So when you are
Poetry Jam at The Honey Company in CabareteTired of the whistle blowers, the debunkers, the medical pot growers,
the polar shift alarmists, all the ponzi schemers
The planet x screamers, anunaki, niburu, don’t even want to go down that kelter belt avenue!
So when you’re tired of the drama, Obama, and all the propaganda, Miranda rights ignored,  desensitization of all problems or maybe were just bored?
So when you’re tired of the frackers, the hackers,  what you gonna do?
Go to YouTube and find a how to!!!


 Written by Sharon Speicher, poem performed at the Poetry Slam on 10th September. 

Poetry Jam at The Honey Company in Cabarete

Poetry Jam at The Honey Company in Cabarete




 Poetry Jam at The Honey Company in CabaretePoetry Jam at The Honey Company in Cabarete









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