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The Little Soap Factory

World Press Award 2012 - Emiliano LarizzaItalian born Emiliano Larizza arrived in Cabarete 3 years ago after spending almost 4 years in Santo Domingo as a professional photographer traveling between the DR and Haiti capturing images. He has traveled continents, worked for the United Nations and covered international news for various news agencies and newspapers. He was one of the first photographers on location witnessing all the disasters that occurred in Haiti right after the famous harmful earthquake in 2010. In 2012, he won the prestigious World Press Photo Award. About a year ago, the creative artist started his own soap factory, creating organic artisanal soap with passion and love.


After his intense experience working in Haiti he decided to stay in Dominican Republic. While living in the capital Santo Domingo he was traveling every weekend to Cabarete to find his peace and happiness, Emiliano finally decided to become a full time resident in the little beach town of Cabarete. Finding new ways in Cabarete, Emiliano decided to leave photography to dedicate himself to another one of his passions; the music. Today, Emiliano is known as one of the members of the trio Green Platano, spreading positive tunes throughout the musical corners of Cabarete.  
The versatile artist shares the secrets of his soap dedication and why this is quite a peculiar choice of business that fits so well in Cabarete.

The Green Plantano  photo by sebastiano massimino

LC: How did the idea of making soap come alive?

EL: My great-grandmother was making soap and passed the passion down the generations to my sister, who is also creating organic soap. She was the one who inspired me to do the same here in Cabarete. The community is very much into natural health products and food, and I thought that it would be a good idea to provide this product in a place where these things are so appreciated. I was hoping that people would love it as much as I knew I would love making it for them. It’s something that relaxes me and brings me peace, all this process of preparing it. It’s a big satisfaction for me that I am making something unique, handmade and healthy for the Cabarete people and myself.

Emiliano Larizza  The Little Soap Factory

LC: Tell us about the process of making the soap?
EL: The whole process of making the soap lasts about one month. First I prepare all the ingredients: the main one is the high quality extra virgin olive oil, then the organic coco oil, purified water, the essential oils and the sodium hydroxide. The last ingredient is used to convert the liquid consistence into a solid soap. And it takes up to one month because the sodium hydroxide needs to evaporate completely. Then I mix all the ingredients together (their quantity has to be precisely measured) and stir the mixture until it becomes a dense liquid. This is where I got the idea for my logo – the stirring spin. Then I pour it into a wooden long recipient to give it a proper shape. The next day when it becomes solid, I take it out from the wooden box and cut it into ready soap pieces and stamp every piece with the logo. I have to leave all the soaps for “breathing” for almost one month before the soap is finally ready to be used.

The Little Soap Factory ingredients   Making the soap
Making the soap  Making the soap

LC: Which are the advantages of your product?
EL: The soap I make is 100% natural and it keeps your skin healthy and smooth. Some friends told me they had tried all kinds of pharmacy products for a skin problem, but nothing helped until they tried my soap! The power of nature is strong and considering that most people shower at least once per day it is important to choose products that are not harmful to our skin. It’s obviously better to use natural products which preserve the natural pH balance of our skin.

Making the soap  Making the soap

LC: Where can we find your soaps and what are their scents?
EL: My soaps are available in various local shops (Fresh Fresh, Namaste Yoga store) and every Sunday at the Night Market in town. I am currently exploring new scents, which I am excited to introduce to the market.
These are some of the new scents I will be presenting very soon:
Egyptian geranium, mint with coffee, orange with chocolate and cinnamon, green clay, lemon grass with mint, lavender with honey, tea tree oil, calendula and some more. Every soap is handmade, 100% natural and weighs about 110-120grams.

LC: What do you want to say to our readers?
EL: I am glad I can make people happy spreading my positive energy throughout my music and my natural soaps. Peace and love!

The Little Soap Factory  The Little Soap Factory

Photo credit Emiliano Larizza, Sebastiano Massimino and Anna Matuszynska, copyright 2015





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