Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Father’s Love

fathers day cabarete“Being a father is hard.”
You may have heard this phrase before, specially from other parents. But there’s something really big, important and rewarding about male parenting. 






In our culture, Dads are the pilars, columns and support of the whole family. The provider, the rulemaker (depending on the household), and ussually the one we go to when there’s tough life questions you don’t have the answer to. Dad’s are wise in their experiences and expected to be a role model in every shape or form, and... that’s a lot of pressure for just one man.

fathers day cabarete

Going back through father experiences, men are ussually the ones who are looked upon into elementary family decision making. They are the mechanics, the handy men, the athletes that carry the torch into the family’s Mount Olympus. They are the ultimate real life superhero. Let us celebrate our paternal bonds.

fathers day cabaretefathers day cabarete

Father’s Day started out in the early 20th century, however it became stablished in 1910 in honor of William Jackson Smart, a civil war veteran who raised his 6 kids on his own in Spokane, Washington. Here in the Dominican Republic we celebrate it in the last sunday of July however we are always in a celebratory mood torwards those fatherly figures that have held us by the hands and shown us and accompanied us through this path called life.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’re all scrambling to get our father a cool gift but in case you don't find anything material, always remember that just with sharing quality time with your old-timer is enough! Let him know how special he is to you and how thankful you are to have him in your life!

fathers day cabarete

Speaking of superdads, we want to share with you this special video of the famous Canadian/Cabarete rock family band “Still Eighteen”. Joey Ciotti is known for playing in canadian bands Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood. Here we include the words his daughter Sam published on the bands FB Page inspired by her father.

fathers day cabarete still eighteen


“My dad is a long haired, nonconforming, Beatle boot wearing rock star.

When I was little and he would pick me up from school kids would crowd around the two of us, trying to get his attention and ask me questions like “what’s it like to have a rock star dad?” My dad and I always thought this was funny because while he had been a lead singer of two well-known Canadian rock bands, he wasn’t famous. I think it was simply in the way he carried himself. Or how he’s always refused to do up the top four buttons of his paisley shirts like Steven Tyler, even after- for the umpteenth time- I told him it was completely outdated.

With his Bowie-esque vocals, expertise in pretty much every instrument, and insanely amazing original songs, he’s got the talent to back up his look. Unsurprisingly, his insatiable desire to pursue a music career was passed down to me. Now, I play in a rock band with my dad!

Our band, Still Eighteen consists of me, Samantha -- bass and singer, my dad, Joey – guitar and singer and my awesome mom, Karen on drums! Many of our songs shed light on the hot button issues the world is currently buzzing about. We are working hard to share our music with the world!

I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day!" 



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