Wednesday, November 22, 2017

International Day of the Girl

Mariposa foundation DRUnfortunately, in many parts of the world girls still face discrimination simply because they are girls. Time and time again they face barriers to education and opportunities to make a living. Often they are coerced into an early and forced marriage. And because of these circumstances they are in general bound to a life in poverty.



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The truth behind Columbus

Columbus statue in Santo DomingoHated by some, adored and respected by others, Columbus is a controversial historical figure. Some go as far as to say that he committed genocide of the New World’s indigenous people, yet others grant him with the discovery of the fact that the earth is round. Neither is true. For Columbus Day, which is celebrated today in a number of countries, we dug around to uncover, as far as possible, the real facts behind Columbus feats.

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DR Jazz festival less than a month away

jazz festivalIn a little less than one month’s time the much awaited Dominican Republic Jazz Festival will kick off for five consecutive evenings with high quality hip shaking Latin Jazz performances, in four different locations on the beautifully green Dominican North Coast. The free concerts will take place from 4 to 8 November in Santiago, Sosua, Puerto Plata and on the last two nights on the beach of swinging Cabarete.

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POP region welcomes first cruise ship since 30 years

Carneval cruise shipToday is a big day. After a 30-year break, cruise ships have started heading for the Dominican North Coast once again. More specifically, this morning at 4am Carnival cruise ship Victory with a capacity of 2.754 passengers docked at Amber Cove, which after an USD 85 million investment can justly be called the newest and most modern cruise ship terminal of the Dominican Republic.

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USD 100 million to be invested in POP

CEI-RDAccording to governmental institution and organizer Centre of Exports and Investments of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), which organized the second Puerto Plata Investment Forum on 17 September, the business and investment opportunities presented at the forum will spill over in investments with the equivalent value of USD 100 million to be invested in upcoming projects in the Puerto Plata region over the next two years.

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Tourism numbers up, also in the north

Cabarete touristsDespite a huge drop in visitors from Russia and the opening up of neighboring island Cuba to Americans, the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic has been doing really good so far this year. With already 3.8 million visitors so far between January and August 2015 ,the country is well on its way to reaching the 6 million tourist mark set for 2015. Reports on what the average visitor spends have also been very positive, with the tourism industry reporting a revenue of over three billion USD for the first half of 2015. And luckily they are not all going just to Punta Cana.

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Autumn in the Dominican Republic

Pauhana surf contest 2014The Northern Hemisphere is preparing itself for the imminent arrival of autumn which always spells out the beginning of having to wear woolly hats and scarves but luckily here in the Caribbean the approaching fall has little impact. The days remain very warm, some scattered showers are always welcome, especially if you keep in mind that we are still experiencing a drought in the region despite some recent rainfall, and despite the fact that low season is starting in terms of tourism, there are still many interesting events being organized in the next couple of months, ranging from extreme sports to fine culture.


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Support InspireDR while having a cocktail

Inspire DR cocktailEnjoy two cocktails, while having some appetizers this upcoming Thursday at Lazy Dog Cabarete and help at the same time charity InspireDR to keep providing extra-curricular activities for disadvantaged boys.

InspireDR, which was set up in January 2015, is currently running a pilot program with eleven Dominican and Haitian boys aged seven to twelve. Apart from learning English, the free program is set up in such a way that they learn about healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness through play and dedicated activities.  


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