Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fresh Fresh Cabarete

Fresh Fresh Cafe CabareteIn the middle of the main street in the center of Cabarete there is a sign up that says “Fresh Fresh Café”. It is a new addition to the café scene in Cabarete. Manager Aaron Herlocker and promotion & advertising responsible Mercedes Ruiz Acevedo kindly invited us inside for a chat and they made one thing clear; This is not only a café in the usual comprehension of the word – Fresh Fresh Café Cabarete aims high with their concept, bringing new ideas and products to town.

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Surf Summer for the Mariposa Girls

Mariposa Summer Surf Program 2014Two months ago 20 young girls, age 7 to 17-years-old, from The Mariposa DR Foundation showed up at Playa Encuentro. They were about to start a surf summer camp adventure and they were excited. Since that day these girls have been persistent and dedicated to surfing, spending 3 hours every morning from Monday-Friday learning how to surf. Today it was time for them to show the world what they have learned by performing in The Mariposa DR Foundation Surf Competition ending this year’s surf camp.

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A Miracle in the Making

Barrio Blanco Daniella Cabarete Dominican RepublicLittle Daniela reaches her arms to the sky with a big white smile and stars in her eyes. She is healthy and happy, trying to get the attention of someone who will pick her up and give her a hug. She laughs that unmistakable laugh of a happy child. Only two years ago, Daniela didn’t look this happy. She would stretch her arms up to be picked up then as well, but her eyes were tired, her nose constantly running and the smile was hard to lure out in her face. She would cling on to anyone with an iron grip, begging whomever it would be, not to let go. Her eyes would express desperation.

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La Boca - a Gem in Cabarete

La BocaAdd it to the list of Gems in Cabarete right away. Famous as it is, being featured in numerous magazines and a “must-do” attraction for a variety of professional athletes and international media, La Boca reveals some of the most beautiful scenery along the north coast. For those who can find it, that is…
Located about 4 kilometers from the center of Cabarete, the rivermouth of Rio Yasica de Sabaneta is like a playground for anyone who enjoys a decent day in the sun, next to the ocean. Whether it’s for activities like kiteboarding, wakeskating, jetski action or any other form of sports, anything seem to be possible where the river meets the ocean.When it’s time for a break… just catch the boat over to the local fish restaurant and dig in to a rainbow fish, lobster, platanos fritos with a coco loco on the side. It’s culture. Cabarete Culture.

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The Adventure Sports Capital of the Caribbean

Cabarete Dominican Republic Adventure Sports Capital of the CaribbeanWhere to start, is the first thing that comes to mind when trying to summarize what Cabarete is all about. Let's start with the easy part... 
Cabarete is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, on the Island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti and hosts the shore where Columbus first set foot in "the New World", or the West Indies, as it's formerly known as. 

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