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Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete

Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete Dominican republic Caribbean"It was always a dream of mine, to have my own surf bar." Juan Carlos Torres (35) was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but was always drawn to the ocean and the surf. Having a natural talent for bartending and good people skills, Juan Carlos slowly built his expertise in the restaurant and bar business. Today, Juan is closing up on the 5th year anniversary for his Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete. A place where you definitely feel the surf, even if you are not a surfer.


The reggae tunes fill the room with soothing, lazy music with somewhat profound content written by legendary artists, often with dreadlocks. The Caribbean humidity calls for a beer to go with the tunes, and the mañana-feeling we have been hit by when entering the door to Aloha. "Con la vestida de la novia," says Juan with a bright, white smile in a sunburnt face as he hands over the ice block that is hiding a Dominican cerveza inside. Juan is known for having the coldest beer in town. The waves must have been good this morning, judging by his color, and it will not take you long to realize that you can summarize the conditions of the day by looking at people's faces at night. People in Cabarete live and breathe for the ocean, the waves, the sun and the wind. It is a water sports town like few others in the world, and you will know when there has been a good day out there.  
Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete ice cold cerveza"It is what makes us tick and really live," says Juan Carlos. "Most of the people in Cabarete have a love for the natural elements and a love for surfing, kiteboarding, SUP, windsurfing or whatever other activities you can practice with the elements. We try to re-create some of that feeling after the sun goes down, by bringing the culture and the atmosphere in to our bar"

BBQ Thursdays - a Cabarete Tradition
Thursdays are maybe the most popular days at Aloha, when the girls in the kitchen whips up typical Caribbean cuisine for the All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Buffet that have become almost like a religion to some. "The girls cook with love," says Juan Carlos, "and the restaurant is a myriad of tourists and locals on these days, and reservations are required for a safe bet on a table."

With its half inside/half outside type of setup, Aloha brings the BBQ inside, but under open sky, where Morena cooks your chosen meat while you work on the ice block. It is genuine, it is different, and it feels kind of homy from the first second. 

Juan Carlos Torres Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete boduboarding surfingAloha Surf Cafe Cabarete Carolina Gutierrez"The idea came from that dream, and a part of the dream was to make a bar where people can listen to good reggae, watch surf videos, eat well and healthy and have a good time with friends. So we decided to dedicate Friday nights to the art of music by bringing live music to Aloha every Friday night." The contrast from Thursdays BBQ is noticable and one of those things that make Aloha so special. You will find a different vibe every day, but we still keep our surf and reggae atmosphere, of course," Juan Carlos says. 

Up up and ahead!
After 5 years of serving the local surfers and tourists, Aloha is adding to its schedules before its 5 years anniversary.
"Opening hours will expand, which makes it possible for us to offer lunch menus and delivery. We will not change the concept, but rather add to it. We are playing with different ideas like Spanish-Dominican Paella Saturday, so keep checking in to see what good stuff we will be offering in the time to come. Within few days we are changing our opening hour from 4PM to mid day to be able to serve the community better, but we will keep our closing hour at midnight. Happy Hours continue as normal, every day" he smiles.
Take the Party to town after midnight! 
Aloha Surf Cafe Cabarete InteriorAloha Bar is located only few steps from the beach in the residencial area of Ocean One, Harmony and Pelican Resort, and is close to town for the guests to easily continue the party after Aloha's closing hour. Because Cabarete never sleeps, and there is no need to go home at midnight for those with an urge to dance, laugh and enjoy the beach party. 
Watch our video from the Cabarete famous Aloha Surf Cafe here.

Visit Aloha on their Facebook page to learn more


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