Saturday, November 18, 2017

Veggie and fruit trucks

Vegeman - selection of fruits and veggiesReminiscent of Southern Europe in the 70s and 80s, you’ll notice little beat-up pick-up trucks cruising around populated areas in the Dominican Republic with a huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in the back. They’ll usually have specific locations where they’ll stop and people will come to them to shop. Otherwise they tend to cruise around at slow speeds, with a tinny voice croaking out of a loudspeaker highlighting the goodies they sell and anyone can stop the truck to buy as little or as much as they want.

Vegeman - selection of fruits and veggiesThis very convenient service means you don’t have to go to the supermarket or any other market to buy your vegetables and fruits, with the produce instead coming to you. Still visitors and even expats don’t make use of these trucks as often as they could, unless it’s out of curiosity. Mostly because prices are rarely advertised and if you don’t know Spanish and the average going rate of the fruit and veggies you want, chances are you’ll be paying too much for those three bananas and one mango. On the other hand, if you enjoy haggling for your food then this is definitely an experience to be recommended.

Someone who felt strongly about the price issue and decided to set up his own vegetable and fruit delivery service is Patrick aka The VegeMan. After a year of research and initial buying at the fruit markets in Santiago and San Francisco de Macorix, where everyone buys their produce, Patrick has upped his game and now buys directly from the producers in Constanza twice a week, which is famous for its remarkable mountain climate despite being located in a tropical island.

Vegeman - long stem roses“It’s a bit farther to drive but by buying directly from the producers I can ensure that the fruits and vegetables I sell are the freshest in town,” Patrick explains. “I hand pick everything and will only buy produce that is of the highest quality.”

Patrick points out that he selects only North American type of vegetables as platanos don’t seem to sell well with his costumers in the Gaspar Hernandez, Cabarete, Perla Marina and Sosua area. He also has a wide selection of fruits including strawberries, papayas , mangoes, chinolas, melons and much more. “All the produce I sell has been grown locally here in the Dominican Republic and I make sure that the growers use organic fertilizers, if any.”

He doesn’t do sales or discounts as he won’t sell anything that is not fresh.  “Any perishable produce that is not sold on the day of my rounds is given away in the area where I live.” Unlike most Dominican vendors he has a board with prices as well as digital scales. His produce when he drives around is covered with three layers to protect them from the blazing sun and to keep them fresh.  

Vegeman - selection of fruits and veggiesPatrick will take orders and special requests for the next time he comes around and also has a wide selection of long stem roses as well as rose bushes, be it mini or normal size, that people can pre-order.

Want to choose from high quality fresh fruit or veggies from the comfort of your doorstep and order in English? Or fancy some beautiful roses? The VegeMan does his rounds on Mondays and Fridays and to be included on the list either call him on 809 860 2419, contact him on Facebook or send him an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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