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Arepa King: Home-made Venezuelan Goodies

Arepa King CabareteIn a place where most local food is served with forks, and probably eaten on a plate... Arepas are NOT your basic latin food. 

It started out with 3 chamos (buddies) who just so happen to be cousins: Luis Edgardo, Adrián and Andrés. Some of them and their families had been in the island for the past 6 years but in the case of Andrés he just arrived a few months ago.


“This is the first time we work with an Arepas spot, and we're very proud of it! It's like bringing a little bit of home to the DR with us.”

It all happened very fast, by last year's November they had a clear concept and were looking for an ideal place to see their dream come true. 

“Initially we thought of opening a night time bar, but since this location pretty much found us (and given it’s qualities) we considered it would be best to apply ourselves to it and open up a day-time joint.”

And it’s had a lot of good acceptance, even more than what they expected! 

Arepa King Cabarete

Given the fact that Arepa King is placed between the towns of Cabarete and Sosúa, in front of Perla Marina and little before reaching Playa Encuentro, right next to the popular Colmado Bombita we think it’s a pretty strategic corner.

“If you’re going to Puerto Plata, if you’re coming out of a surf session in Encuentro, if you’re going to El Choco National Park, if you’re going to Sosúa or Cabarete, or if you live in Perla Marina, you have to pass by in front of us, some even cross in front several times a day. We’re in the middle of it all, so if you’re hungry you’re bound to stop for a bit.”

 Arepa King Cabarete



“I’m just glad to be here! I’d always heard a lot about Dominican Republic and I wanted to get to know the country but what I’ve seen so far is just lovely. I used to live in Caracas and that was hectic, a fast lifestyle. Over here you’re in slow-motion, a more relaxed version, it’s a different lifestyle. You enjoy more what you do.” says Andrés.

Arepa King Cabarete Arepa King Cabarete


“Everyone has been very positive about our new business, they all come and try it and then come back again!”


Here you can find all the basic Venezuelan goodies! A quick tour through the menu:

The Empanadas are fried with corn flour and filled with chicken or beans and cheese or just about anything you like and ask for. They’re smaller than the dominican ones but the texture is different.

The Arepitas with sweet anise are crunchy and even though they don’t come filling, these are accompanied on the side by what we call here 'queso de hoja dominicano'  and is great for breakfast along with coffee and milk. 

The Bollitos are made with corn flour and are boiled, sometimes they “paint” them with sofrito (sause made with items like onions, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and/or salt) and the dough takes color, ussually red, yellow or even green (with blended bell peppers). Once the dough is done, they throw in scrambled eggs, cheese, fish or tuna. This is also a breakfast meal, awesome with black coffee!

The Venezuelan Hallacas are made with platain leaves that are burnt, once this is soft, they put it in a dough with a special Jayaca recipe,  (it’s a common Christmas recipe but can be made a few times through the year). They include olives and raisins in it and close the leaves, tie it and boil for 2-3 hours. These haven’t yet been officially included in the menu, but will have them on the regular in the near future.

Arepa King Cabarete Arepa King Cabarete

They also make Chicharronada, this can also be used in the form of bollitos inside the corn wrapping.

Let’s not forget the main attraction, the Arepas de Maiz are a famous go-to food made with pre-cooked corn flour, these are filled with your own personal picks (although they have good suggestions for combinations), ideal for a healthy fast-food option.

The business fits about 60 people, they serve freshly squeezed natural juices as well as alcoholic drinks. Plato del Día is available as well!

Live Music Jams

The guys in Arepa King sure know a thing or two about entertainement. Do stay on the look-out for their famous live music jams, supporting new class acts by local performers from the north coast. Wether they have a rock band, a jazz night or a dj set up, you won't want to miss it!

Arepa King Cabarete

And yes... you can have your arepas with a Presidente while you enjoy the show!



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