Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sport bikinis for you

Sports bikinis rock!

So you’ve decided to come to Cabarete for a couple of weeks to learn how to kite or surf, or both. Or you came here a while ago and somehow ended up staying much longer than your foreseen departure date. Both situations have at least one thing in common: the ladies in question both need a good sports bikini. It’s no fun showing off your latest kite trick, messing it up (which is bound to happen at one stage or another and there is definitely no shame in that) and then finding after an intense crash that your bikini bottom is somewhere around your knees and your bikini top has totally disappeared.


Sexy yet functional beach wearLuckily Cabarete has dozens of shops that sell beach wear but which one should you choose to make sure your bikini keeps the parts covered that you want covered even after an intense kiteloop gone wrong.

Wrap around straps
Bikini tops with crossed straps at the back which you can tighten fast either at the back or even better at the front after a loop around your back will keep the top much better in place in than traditional halter tops. Forget about boob tubes or other strapless tops; keep these instead for parading around the beach on non-windy days.

Bikini bottom strings
Nope, I’m not advocating that you start kiting in a string (although if you were to lose your bikini bottom maybe no one would notice). Rather find a bikini bottom that has one or two strings in the top part going around your waist. To make sure that it’ll stay in place just tighten the string and make a knot.

Despite these great inventions things may still go haywire when crashing good and hard. Adding some more wear to your outfit will help cover any mishaps should they happen.

Board shorts
For those not that bothered about getting bronzed buttocks, consider buying a pair of boardshorts. Boardshorts for girls tend to be relatively short, emphasizing your bottom so you will still definitely look good. Be sure to make a double knot to keep your shorts in place.

Rash vests
For those not too used (yet) to the strong Caribbean sun, do your skin a favor and wear a rash vest. Look for one that blocks the sun; sun protection factor (spf) information is usually printed on the inside of the lycra at shoulder height. Choose one that is not white so that bikini tops that have moved don’t reveal too much.    

Photographed sports bikinis are “My Bikini”, a local brand made in the Dominican Republic. Every bikini is handmade, unique and reversible. They are exclusively for sale at the Lili Lou shop on the main street of Cabarete.

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