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Susi Mai Invitational 2017

Susi Mai Invitational 2017 Cabarete Dominican RepublicStrawling down the bay of Cabarete has been a spectacular view and a proper holiday feeling these last few days. Entrepreneur and professional kiteboarder Susi Mai and her crew have been in town with Susi Mai Invitational; another addition in her series of events like the MaiTai Global. Susi Mai Invitational brings a new day to the event scene in Cabarete, putting kiteboarding in the first seat again, bringing us all backwards in memories and forward in to a new day ahead. Cabarete was shining this weekend.


Susi Mai Invitational 2017 Cabarete Susi Mai Invitational 2017 Cabarete Georgina Monti

Ever since the Millennium change we have seen Cabarete Beach fill up with kiters of all kinds and from all corners of the world, once per year. This became something everyone into kiteboarding was looking forward to and planning their summer holidays towards, as well as the local businesses planning their activities for this, welcoming the start of the season with the big event. Athletes and industry people would stick around for a while, and Cabarete was painted in kiteboarding colors in every corner of the town. Having the trade winds usually joining the opening ceremony of summer kiteboarding, Cabarete achieved its status since the very early days, as a world-renowned kiteboarding destination.
It’s a historic fact that it’s also a pioneer location for the development of the sport, since the first few kites were launched in the air at Maui and in Cabarete.

Susi Mai Cabarete MaiTaiSusi Mai Invitational Cabarete 2017 MaiTai Global Kiteboarding

In 2010 the world tour, called PKRA had its last run until Susi Mai started bringing a new concept to town; called The MaiTai. MaiTai has been gathering athletes, entrepreneurs and the tech world together in an expanding series of networking and kiteboarding events around the world. This year, the concept changes and Susi Mai brings her event skills to a new level, mounting international events for meeting, greeting and having fun with the sport. Her partner Bill Tai will remain at the helm of the nonprofit corporation under a new brand name, which will continue to operate educational forums such as the Extreme Tech Challenge contest and the Blockchain Summit and support ocean conservation through donations and direct action.

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The riders seemed to be on fire throughout the entire competition, although Saturday heats finally got postponed due to low wind. The girls were put on hold for Sunday, which presented itself in their great favor with prime conditions on the water, and on the beach. Again, Cabarete was shining!

"This has been a fun competition, I am very satisfied having this in town!" said competitor Raul Corniel, the founder and organizer of another important kiteboarding competition in the Dominican Republic; National Tournament "DR Open".

Regardless of low wind, judge, speaker and world champion Kevin Langeree led the crowds through the waiting, as did the competition host Millennium Resort, with its fascinating and accommodating facilities in the middle of the bay of Cabarete.

Sunday was a hit for all, and the crowds were cheering the riders through a tight competition! The Big Air competition put the crowds in awe, as the athletes showed off the contrast to the freestyle format of the tournament. These two formats create the general guideline of the competition and celebrate the sport and its diversity that makes it such a popular and fast growing global sport.

Being very familiar with their backyard conditions, the Dominican riders once again showed the world why this spot is amongst the best in the world, and why this competition is bringing Cabarete back on the kiteboarding map.

The future is set with this event! Susi Mai Invitational enters the kiteboarding history books of Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Results from the first Susi Mai Invitational event here in Cabarete










“It was a big honor to host an incredible weekend here in Cabarete, celebrating kiteboarding and the DR. Congrats to all the riders for crushing it and huge thanks to the sponsors and my team, plus all of the beautiful people of the Cabarete community for contributing to make this event happen. I could not have done it without you.”
- Susi Mai

The Susi Mai invitational was possible also due to these brands! On behalf of Cabarete, we also thank you, The Sponsors!

See the video here...


About Susi Mai: 

Susi is one of a handful of Red Bull’s lifetime ambassadors, having been the only rider (male or female), who has won the prestigious Red Bull “King of the Air” title a consecutive three times. German born but a Dominican resident since the age of 6, as the President of Mai Tai Global she previously hosted tens of international events, mixing together leading tech entrepreneurs, world leaders and professional kiters, and providing a platform to nurture start up companies and silicon valley/kiting relationships. Her events company strategically hosts gatherings that also have Ocean Conservation at their core focus.

M branded images: Longboard Chris/Official Event Photographer

Other: Hege Holt/DreamBuz Media 

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