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Beautiful murals in POP

El-gallo-de-POP-por-Atahuallpa---photo-by-yoamord.comDuring five days including last weekend, more than thirty Dominican artists from all over the country have painted many pretty amazing murals on thousands of square meters worth of walls in Puerto Plata. Putting the last finishing touches to murals, both in the historical center as well as elsewhere in the city, on Monday 2 November the final product is as beautiful as it is inspirational. Check out this video of the event.



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Opening of Cabarete police station & other projects

Inauguration of new CESTUR building in Cabarete - photo by diariolibre.comPeople in Cabarete may have been wondering yesterday what the hustle and bustle of several military helicopters and vehicles was all about. Dominican President Medina, who also officially opened the Amber Cove cruise terminal close to Puerto Plata yesterday, officially inaugurated the new CESTUR police station in Cabarete after extensive renovations to the old building.


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Dominos Dominican style

DominoDespite absolutely loving baseball and exporting a huge amount of Dominican baseball players to American professional baseball leagues, it was the well-known and often underrated game of dominos that was declared the national sport of this Caribbean island in 2010. And with good reason. It is played on nearly every street corner, with players slamming down the fichas as fast and as hard as they can, while consuming either some rum or cold beer to smoothen the process. The game of dominos literally runs through the blood of every Dominican, both young and old, male or female. 


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Making your own Caribbean Halloween costume

Scarecrow make-up - taken from PinterestThis year 31 October falls on a Saturday, which means that this year the Halloween celebrations in Cabarete are going to be even more epic than other years. Because people in Cabarete, visitors and residents alike, love to dress up for Halloween and party all night long. Haven’t had time to think about your Halloween costume for this upcoming Saturday, or had to leave your costume behind because it didn’t fit in your suitcase? Fret not. Here are some amazing ideas that are relatively easy to make and don’t break the bank.

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Santeria, black magic and voodoo

VoodooIt’s 2am and Melvin, who is nearly two meters tall and strongly built, cowers in the arms of his diminutive wife, as they listen to the sounds of the witch from down the road walking on their tin roof. Before going to bed they’ve made sure that all doors and windows are locked so that she can’t steal one of their young children to suck their blood from their big toes. At least, this is the story he tells me the next morning bleary-eyed when I ask him if he’s alright. When asked how he can be sure that the sounds were made by a witch, he shrugs his shoulders and says he just knows, while a chill goes down his spine.

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Fresh ceviche every time

CevicheDo you like fresh, taste bud titillating ceviche with loads of lime and exotic fruit? Then there is only one place you need to go to in Cabarete to satisfy this particular craving: La Cevicheria. Open since March 2015 and located just next to La Rosa supermarket, the place itself doesn’t look like much. But with just one large rustic looking bar, a red wooden table with a couple of chairs and two huge freezers/fridges, surfer and Cevicheria owner Ricky makes culinary magic while treating punters to ice-cold beer and some great tunes.

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Fathom Impact Travel bringing volunteers to the north coast

Fathom in Barrio BlancoA new type of cruise travel focused on impact travel, which will be officially launched under the name Fathom in April 2016, will see cruise passengers arriving for a few days in the Puerto Plata area using the docked ship in Amber Cove as their home away from home and volunteering their time to useful projects such as pouring concrete floors, giving locals the opportunity to practice English with them for the day or helping to make paper from used paper.

Next week, Fathom is organizing five activities together with two well-established non-governmental organizations on the ground, the Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral Inc. (IDDI) and Entrena, as a test run. Fathom is therefore looking for people who are interested in joining these activities at cost price (USD 20) in return for their opinions and feedback.

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Behind the curtains of Sweet Retreats

Sweet RetreatsOver the past six years, Kerri Kresinski has been organizing Sweet Retreats in the gorgeous surroundings of Cabarete. These eight-day-long circus-skill oriented holidays for adults from all over the world come with a wide variety of classes, great vibes, healthy food and accommodation included. To find out more about these intensive vacation packages, which are definitely very different from your average holiday in the sun, we had a chat with professional aerial artist and circus performer Kerri who puts together these intensive retreats, where people go home richer both in terms of circus skills and positive energy.

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