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Support InspireDR while having a cocktail

Inspire DR cocktailEnjoy two cocktails, while having some appetizers this upcoming Thursday at Lazy Dog Cabarete and help at the same time charity InspireDR to keep providing extra-curricular activities for disadvantaged boys.

InspireDR, which was set up in January 2015, is currently running a pilot program with eleven Dominican and Haitian boys aged seven to twelve. Apart from learning English, the free program is set up in such a way that they learn about healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness through play and dedicated activities.  


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Poetry Jam - A poem by Sharon

Sharon performing at the Poetry Jam at The Honey Company, CabareteYesterday’s first ever poetry slam at the Honey Company was a resounding success with around a dozen people sharing their poems, followed by live music. Seated outside with the performers doing their thing on the patio of the Honey Company, the crowd was very much impressed by the quality of the poems. Ranging from funny to philosophic, every single poem was unique in its own way and greeted either with many laughs or enthusiastic applause.

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Raw delicious honey

the honey company-photo by Sweet Fire PhotographyWanting to pollinate a plot of tomato plants, Carolina Zuniga and Spencer Lewin got their first bee colony. They quickly found that bees don’t actually pollinate tomatoes, the wind and occasionally bumblebees do that, so their tomato plants died but the bee colony thrived on other flowers in the area. So they stuck to beekeeping. That was three years ago. Their colonies grew and they quickly produced too much honey for their own consumption. In January 2014 they started selling honey to supermarkets all around the country and a few weeks ago they opened their own shop in Cabarete at the entrance to Ocean One/Harmony/Pelican.

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What is Restoration Day?

Capotillo 1863 - photo credit noiticiastonysosa.blogspot.comThe Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the world that celebrates two independence days, with the main one celebrated on 27 February marking the country’s independence from Haitian rule and the second one, called Dia de la Restauracion (Restoration day) celebrated on 16 August, marking the day Dominicans started fighting to reclaim their independence from Spanish rule for the second time in the 19th century.

To explain this anomaly we need to go back to the beginning of Hispaniolan history, which is as unexpected and quirky as it gets. Read about the history below and celebrate Restoration Day with Dominicans this upcoming Sunday.

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Traffic lights in Cabarete

Traffic lights at intersection Callejon de Loma and the main road in CabareteThe very first traffic lights have been installed in Cabarete at the intersection between Callejon de la Loma, the main road and Ocean Dream. The intersection has been the scene of countless accidents in the past including many that were deadly. The traffic lights have been put to work starting Saturday night and traffic police (AMET) officers have been present most of the time to ensure that people respect the lights.


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Want a Dominican dog?

Female pup looking for a home at Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic - photo credit dogsandcatsdr.comChances are that if you like dogs that over the course of life you already fell in love a couple of times with a street mutt with whom you had an instant connection, no matter the appearance of the dog.  Looking into those big trusting eyes you just knew that essentially you were meant to be together. 

If your life situation allows for one, you take him in.  If not, you give him some food, wish him all the best and hope that someone else will take him in soon.


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Healing moringa

Healing moringa oilThe border areas between the Dominican Republic and Haiti are very arid, with only a few plants and bushes thriving in the harsh conditions. One of those that thrive is a lanky tree called Moringa Oleifera. It grows incredibly fast, has more vitamins and proteins in its edible leaves than spinach and possibly most important of all, its wood is not well-suited for charcoal production. Since three years Cabarete residents Ben-Yam Barschi and Samira Hofmann have given border dwelling locals in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic an economic incentive to grow this magical tree and have used the oil pressed from the moringa seeds they buy to produce healing all natural skin products.

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Volunteering cruise passengers

Fathom cruise volunteersLast month, Carnival Corp which has been building the 85 million USD Amber Cove cruise terminal close to Puerto Plata, announced that it will be launching a new type of cruise travel. Under the name fathom, the company intends to take 700 passengers every week on seven-day journeys from PortMiami to the Dominican Republic starting in April 2016 for trips that include volunteer activities with established organizations on the ground, including the Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral Inc. (IDDI) and Entrena.

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