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Ceramic water filters to the rescue

Water filters to the rescueEight years ago the villagers of Bayacanes, a small little mountain village not far from Jarabacoa, were solely dependent on river water as their drinkable water source. Skinny children with bloated bellies indicated parasites and malnutrition, and a quick look at the chemical composition of the river water highlighted the various water quality problems.

Then, AquaPure, a non-profit organization that makes and sells ceramic water filters at cost price, showed up and gradually got the whole community to adopt their water filters. Now, eight year later, children are of average to above average height and the community is healthy. They still drink river water but everyone to the youngest child included knows that they should only drink it after it has been filtered.

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What are… bancas?

A typical bancaThe Dominican Republic has some particular and sometimes peculiar quirks that you don’t really find elsewhere in the world and the wide spread phenomenon of bancas is one of them.

Bancas are everywhere, even in the smallest little village up in the mountains made up of four wooden shacks and a colmado (little corner shop) with no real access to the next village, let alone to the outside world. No matter how dinghy their surroundings the banca is always located in a little, and sometimes big, brick building, and always covered by a fresh coat of super colorful highly visible paint. In bigger towns and cities it is not unusual to see an armed guard outside of them.

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Learn Spanish with ease

Cabarete Language InstituteThe Cabarete Language Institute, which has been teaching students since 2008, are specialized in intensive Spanish courses for people who come to Cabarete for just a few weeks and want to learn Spanish in as short a time as possible. The institute is now also looking at offering regular Spanish classes for expatriates who want to learn the language.


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Carnival parade in Cabarete

Cabarete Carnival ParadeGood news! For those who have missed the Carnival season, or just couldn’t make it out of Cabarete to the Carnival celebrations in La Vega, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo or any of the other big towns, a Carnival parade is being organized on Saturday 14 March. Expect beautiful costumes without the usual hassle of having to look out for the notorious (and sometimes painful) whips or greasy / muddy figures trying to hug you in the hope that you will pay them not to do so!


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Learn basics at upcoming free Spanish beginner class

Upcoming introductory Spanish class


Always wanted to learn some Spanish but never had the motivation or just didn’t know where to go? Take this unique opportunity and come on Thursday 12 March to the Cabarete Social Club. Three experienced and certified teachers from the Cabarete Language Institute will give a free introductory Spanish beginner class.

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Volunteer interpreters needed for upcoming clinic

Similar clinic organized in India

The Canadian Christian charity organization Health Teams International will be organizing a week-long clinic with free medical services for the poor in Callejon from 6 March until 11 March. A 13-member team of doctors, dental specialists, nurses and an optometrist will be treating those most in need on a first come first serve basis.



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…let there be light!

Great electricity job

Electric light, something so basic and used without a second thought by most people in Europe and North America, is something more of a luxury in countries like the Dominican Republic. Also in Cabarete when you go to the more Dominican neighborhoods you’ll often see whole streets or neighborhoods plunged in darkness. The electrical supply is anything but 24/7 with houses being supplied usually around eight hours a day.


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Day of Lovers

Valentine's Day in Cabarete, Dominican RepublicLike in so many other countries the Dominican Republic will also be celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day on 14 February. Here the day is celebrated by giving a little present, chocolates or some flowers to loved ones and even friends as the main idea on the island is that this day is all about love and friendship.




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