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North Coast jewels: Playa Preciosa

North Coast jewel Playa Preciosa

Playa Preciosa is true to its name with gold-colored sand, palm trees lining the beach and absolute solitude. Most people overlook this beautiful beach and go to nearby Playa Grande instead, which unlike Preciosa features little restaurants, vendors and musicians.

If, however, you prefer to enjoy your slice of paradise privately and don’t mind bringing a cooler with the necessary refreshments and snacks, you have found your next destination. Especially on weekdays this beach is nearly always deserted and the views are stunning.

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Dominican tourist cards demystified


Enjoy your vacation without worries, Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Some people get a bit nervous when it comes to travel related paperwork, especially when the country concerned is a Caribbean faraway island. Do I need a visa? What is the difference between a tourist card and a tourist visa? Should I get one from the embassy? How long can I stay? And what is all this going to cost me?


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Reduce your reliance on plastic

Reduce your reliance on plastic, Cabarete, Dominican RepublicCabarete is a beautiful place, a little piece of paradise, with waving palms and white sandy beaches. It’s the last place where you want to see plastic bags fluttering in the wind getting caught in those palm trees you’re admiring or a selection of miscellaneous plastic discarded objects strewn along the tide line.

Unfortunately, like everywhere else on the planet, waste is also a problem here. Luckily it’s not as bad as in some places. Our beaches are still relatively clean, the water isn’t full of trash and illegal dumping of rubbish is not rampant.

Still it’s high time to help mother earth and reduce our waste footprint. Below are some tips, which are tailored to Cabarete life and are aimed at visitors but can be used just as well by people living here in Cabarete or anywhere else.

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In dire need of... a book

In dire need of...a bookLife in the Dominican Republic, like in so many tropical countries, takes place outside. People sit on the side of the road, watching life and talking to passersby, domino is played outside, celebrations and mournings take place outside.

But rarely will you see someone reading outside, be it a book or a newspaper. And this is not because only a handful of people know how to read. In fact, according to the CIA Fact Book, the literacy rate in the Dominican Republic is 90%. No, the reason why hardly anyone reads is that there barely are any books worth reading in the country and so no reading culture has had the opportunity to develop.

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Fuel wanted for growing minds

3 Mariposas Montessori Credit Alex Guillaume, Cabarete, Dominican RepublicYou still have two days time to give a donation so that the kids at the 3 Mariposas Montessori (3MM) School will also eat well during the holidays.

The only complete meal many 3MM students eat each day is the lunch they have at the non-profit school. To ensure that these children will also have a healthy lunch when the school is closed for the holidays, 3MM is seeking to raise 10.000USD.

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How to keep this New Year’s resolutions

 2015 New Years Resolutions Cabarete Dominican Republic“This year I’m going to stop smoking and be more active”. Like so many other optimistic people around the globe, Dominicans also make resolutions for the New Year, and then usually go on to break them.

There is actually a study that proves that the success rate of New Year’s resolutions is abysmal. According to a 2007 study conducted at the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people, a little over 10% of those who set New Year resolutions managed to see them through despite the fact that 52% of the study's participants were confident of success at the beginning.

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New year traditions in the Dominican Republic

Cleaning the house, Cabarete Dominican RepublicLike every country in the world the Dominican Republic has its own quirky traditions when it comes to welcoming the new year.

For Dominicans the start of the new year is all about trying to create an athmosphere most conducive to receiving good luck for the upcoming year. Traditionally, it is believed that the new year brings a new life and that it should be welcomed in a proper manner.

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Dance with style

Dance with Style


Swinging hips, lots of turning, arm movements to the sensual but fast rhythm of the music, broad smiles and flashing eyes... That’s Cuban Salsa! One of those sexy dances that are beautiful to look at and a lot of fun to do, especially if you know what you are doing.


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