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Cabarete overview


Cabarete is a happy place to live and it shows on the childrens' faces!

People and the community

Girls Who Ride!

Lots of girls ride in Cabarete! Every year there are several events being organized by the local kite-and surf girls, making Cabarete a top destination for female kiteboarders, surfers, SUP-ers or whatever be the sport. And the level is high! Learning in Cabarete can be the best way thanks to the well trained and experienced female instructors and athletes present. Ask around for some tips, and go ride!

The Belgium Bakery

The Belgium Bakery took town by storm when introducing their fresh ideas to the Cabarete sweet teeth. For decades, the German Bakery (Dick's) has been the go-to place for the locals, but as competition is always good; now you can choose! They're both excellent bakeries, just with a bit different items in their shelves. Try the sun-flower-seed bread! It is yummy!

"El Concho Loco"

Franco Schipani is one of the expats in Cabarete adding to the restaurant and social scene. Franco set his eyes on the corner of the entrance to the local village Callejon de la Loma a few years back. The last couple years, Cabarete has seen what was earlier a mechanics garage turn in to a social club! A Mexican restaurant, a garden BBQ, a stage, a cinema, a Dominican style restaurant and who knows what else he's got up his sleeve! An interesting spot to visit. Promise you won't get bored around Franco!

Winter Kiteboarding Season

Cabarete is an all year round kiteboarding destination, but the seasons do bring very different types of conditions. The frequenzy of windy days can also vary a bit from summer to winter, with the trade winds sweeping over the beaches all day long every day during summer season, while the thermals make it a bit less predictable during the winter season. Some kiteboarders prefer the winter due to the wave season. September through March is known for excellent surf, so if your preference is wave kiting, this is the season to choose! The waters calm down during the summer and make Cabarete perfect for beginners! There's something for everyone in Cabarete, with or without the kite.

The local pro's!

Cabarete is known for being a kiteboarding factory. It is especially well known that the local athletes have an incredible talent and level in kiteboarding. Dominicans are very much athletic people and are built to take a little beating on the water. On top of that, they have no fear! Watch and learn from the pros. You see them on the water all the time. Some of them offer lessons through the schools or independently. This is Luis Alberto, one of the Starkites pro riders.

Kite Beach Kite Rescue!

Kite Beach Cabarete is well known around the world for its excellent conditions. It is also known for the high level amongst the local riders! Scary for some, although the pros do know what they are doing. When there is a situation on the water, you can count on the locals to be there with a helping hand. For a beginner, that's very comforting to know, so don't worry if you drop your kite. Kite Beach rescue team (unofficial one, that is) should sort you out.

Spices of Cabarete

Cabarete offers so many tastes! It can be hard to know what to get for cooking, especially concerning the spices... Start asking the locals what to use for what type of food. You might be used to different methods with different ingredients, but the Dominicans might have some new tips you will love! And once digging a bit, there are more ingredients available than what you might find in the supermarkets! Oh this place is full of surprises, just ask around!

Musical Entertainment

You can listen to good music any day in Cabarete! Be it in a bar or at a concert. There are events all year through with local and internationals musicians, some of quite prominent caliber. The Wimbash Festival is one of the yearly events to bring internationally renowned guests. This year, Living Color dropped by Cabarete to support the DREAM Project. Vernon Reid and the rest of the group threw a private show at OJO Sky Lounge to raise money for education. Last year it was Ms.Lauryn Hill who spread some well known tunes in Cabarete Bay.

Mojito Bar Cabarete

Mojito Bar Cabarete is one of the highly appreciated happy hour bars in town! Every bar and restaurant offer their happy hour specials and they are all great. Mojito Bar offers the longest happy hour we know of in Cabarete, from 4pm until 8pm, and their Mojito is achieving legend status... Mojito Bar recently opened their second bar at Kite Beach. The original one is still at the beach in town, though. Check our Food and Drinks section for more info about Mojito Bar Cabarete

For Rent in Cabarete!

How to navigate when looking for accommodation in Cabarete? Well, first of all get your requirements straight. You can have pretty much anything you like to whatever price you'd like, but spending some time checking around might reveal those amazing deals that are always lurking under the surface. There are several real estate offices in Cabarete that will help you find what you need, and you can always use some of the online services available. We do recommend reaching out to people that live in Cabarete, as they are always updated on the current situation on rentals and what's available.

Breakfast Town

Cabarete is an active town. The surf starts early in the morning, before the sun rises and normal people start their day, so there is a need for good breakfast. Cabarete has 3 bakeries with excellent breakfast options, but the beach bars and restaurants will also provide you with the fruit, pancakes or fried potatoes that you crave before or after your morning workout session. Some restaurants offer breakfast until late afternoon, for those who got caught in the late night scene the evening before.

Flip-Flops and more flip-flops

You can not come for a visit in Cabarete without owning a pair of flip-flops. Most long term residents don't even own shoes. There's no need! When shopping for flip-flops, make sure to shop around as the prices vary from 5 dollars to 40 dollars. You can always try and negotiate the price. Some of the vendors will accommodate you on your request!

Monkeys in the Jungle

About 20 minutes drive from Cabarete you can meet the monkeys! Mr and Mrs Ritzen arrived to the DR wanting to open a rescue for abused monkeys. Today they have a park full of happy monkeys! It's called "The Monkey Jungle" and is well worth a visit. While visiting, make sure you try the zip-line park as well. And take a stroll through the camp to see how the Ritzens are helping the community with a free dental clinic.

Fun Tours and Car Rental!

Fun Tours Cabarete and Easy Rider car rental are both located in the same office in the main street of Cabarete. Owner Josef will give you the best prices and make sure you know how to go about driving and moving around in Cabarete. Or outside. Fun Tours offers exactly that; fun tours! Horseback riding, road trips, canyoning, water falls or anything else that may call your name.

Fruit on the Beach!

Straight from the trees! The fruit vendors will bring you the freshest fruit every day! Some of them will pick them while you wait, and you can have your daily vitamin boost without even getting up from your chilled out relaxation in a lounge chair under the palm trees. You need to open up that coconut? Or peel that mango? Don't worry! They will do it for you.

Getting Married in Cabarete

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in the Caribbean. Thousands of couples plan their wedding to take place in the DR every year. Couples that come to Cabarete to get married are usually somewhat tuned in to the water sports scene, and some of the weddings taking place at the beach are unforgettable. La Boca, the Rivermouth, is a popular place for wedding photography.

Friends Bistro

A popular breakfast place for many years. This is where all the kiters gathered back in the day to start the day. Cabarete has grown since then and there are plenty of places to have breakfast now. But Friends keeps their reputation as one of the things to try while in Cabarete. Try their daily special menu, it's always something exciting. Friends is located in the main street, next to the famous Panaderia Dick (Dick's Bakery).

Sunset at the Surf Beach

Playa Encuentro is the hub for surfing in the Dominican Republic. There are all kinds of waves, for beginners to pros. Some days you can surf with the best of the best, or learn from the best of the best. There are several surf schools at Encuentro, just pick and choose your battles!

Sandro's Cabarete

Sandro's serves Dominican food. Very good Dominican food. They also make Dominican style smoothies. One of the little surprises they come up with in the kitchen is the Mango con Leche. Mango with milk. It's thick, yummy and will give you a real brain freeze! Sandro's is a local gem with many years of experience in serving the tourists true Dominican dishes, like chicken, rice and beans. it's called "La Bandera".

Kiteboarding on the river

Professional kiteboarder Tom Court is one of many top athletes coming regularly to Cabarete to train and photograph for the season. The rivermouth, La Boca, is known for flat water kiting and beautiful surroundings to catch those moments. The river is the most popular and one of few flat water spots in the area. La Boca is a "must-see" place when visiting. Enjoy some delicious seafood in the restaurant by the riverside. True Dominican culture in breathtaking surroundings.

SUP Fitness on the beach

Audrey Meyer's Blossom Retreat Yoga 4 SUP. Audrey is known as the Ocean Woman in Cabarete and has brought a new service of surf fitness to the Cabarete workout scene. Audrey organizes clinics and camps several times throughout the year.

Skateboarding Passion

Cabarete is a playground for all kinds of sports. There are several skate ramps in the community. Daniel Cuervo is the first skateboard pro to come out of the Dominican Republic. Daniel frequently visits Cabarete to skate and surf. Currently, Daniel is amongst the top 11 skateboarders on the world tour.

Ocean Woman Audrey Meyer's Yoga 4 SUP

SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) is one if the fastest growing sports at the moment. Audrey Meyer picked the sport up early and combined it with one of her other passions; yoga. Today, Audrey organizes and coaches clinics for yoga, fitness and SUP, while she trains for marathons and runs a kite school.

Morning Surf in Cabarete

Katie Bowcutt finding her focus in the Dominican Republic. The 16 year old water sports athlete is excelling in several categories. She is the current junior world champion in kitesurfing. Katie is aiming at the top.

Breadfruit - like a potato!

You can get potatoes in Cabarete, no problem! But try and explore the options, like yuca or breadfruit. The breadfruits name is derived from the texture of the cooked fruit, which has a potato-like flavor, similar to freshly baked bread. Breadfruit can be eaten once cooked, or can be further processed into a variety of other foods. Ask the locals for tips! They are happy to tell you the secrets.

Papayas and more papayas!

Cabarete is a wonderful place when it comes to living healthy and eating healthy. If you want to... The fruit is so tasty that you will have a hard time believing it. Walking down the street you will see several vendors along the way, but look for the little "holes in the wall", where the fruit ladies put their pride in to picking the best fruit from the fruit farmers in the morning when the fruit trucks (or wheel barrels) pass by their little shops. Don't be shy to ask for advice on which fruit to pick! They know.

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