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Versatile musician in town

Shell Zimet - album Now and ForeverFollowing in the footsteps of those musicians he most admirers, this experienced US musical performer takes the songs of well-known musicians like and gives it a twist of his own, changing it sometimes beyond recognition.

Starting out as a professional performer from the young age of 14, Shell Zimet has since accumulated decades of experience and covers a wide range of music styles including R&B, Motown, Jazz, Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Soul and a little Blues. We had a little chat with him over coffee and a Belgian pastry.

versatile musician in town - Lifestyle CabareteLC
: The range of music styles you cover is extraordinary. Do you really do all of them?

SZ: Well, I’ve been in the music business for many years now and I love all these different types of music. That being said, whenever I cover a song, I never sing a song the same way twice and I never sing it the way it was written. I like giving my own twist to things.

LC: We’ve been told you also do impressions…
SZ: Yes, I do several shows, including a Las Vegas show with impressions of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. I love doing impressions. People get really excited and after a few drinks tend to believe I actually am one of these legends. It’s great!

LC: What’s special about your performances?
SZ: Well, because I cover a wide range of music there usually is something in there for everyone. I like to interact with my audience and am good at making up lyrics on the spot incorporating the people around me. I can sing smooth like Sinatra and dirty like Ray Charles. Mike Sargent from New York radio station WBAI once called me the most versatile vocalist. He also said the same thing about Spike Lee, as a director.

Shell Zimet performingLC: You also released an album…
SZ: That’s right, I released an album called Now & Forever back in 2008, which was number one for 26 weeks in the weekly Top 50 Chart for Jazz albums.  It’s got loads of great songs including Fly Me to the Moon and Over The Rainbow. Interestingly enough the album also did good in the Country album Top 50 Chart.

LC: You’ve performed mostly in New York, where else have you performed?
SZ: I have performed in Mexico, in Turks & Caicos and here in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, I play occasionally at Jose O’Shea as well as at Sinatra’s and Fraggle Rock in Sosua.

LC: What are the main differences between performing back home and here?
SZ: When I perform here people listen so much more than back home, they really get into the music and the performance. I love that. I do this stuff more for the enjoyment of the audience, and of course my own enjoyment, rather than for the money.

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