Sunday, December 17, 2017

Samantha Chilvers: Fine Arts Gallery Opening

SAM CHILVERS"Earth without ART would just be EH."

We love art. Really! It may just the most dignifying way to express emotions, letting our insides out in a productive and creative way is just brilliant, there’s so many ideas and techniques out there and everyone can bring different perspectives to the table. 


Art is an open gateway to the creation of an environment, a lifestyle, and to self identification. Samantha Chilvers is an artist on the rise, we think it’s awesome that she fully believes in her work and trusts the natural processes. All in the hopes that others will feel connected or linked to that which has taken her effort and perseverance to put out there. That being said.

Samantha is open to doing things in a different way and she’s not scared of what may come. Being a pro kiteboarder and artist, this chica is paving her own road with experiences and life as she goes. We cruised by to check out her new Fine Arts Gallery opening on thursday July 7th, and the ambience was just magical. With live music, great food and wine, we had a quick one on one with Samantha about her experiences in the art world:

- Is this your first personal gallery?

“This is not my first gallery, i mean, it is my real Fine Arts Gallery with my name but after i graduated college i had worked with a group of artists a year or two. I was donated a studio, I worked there as a resident with 10 other artists, we each had our own studio up above in the same building and would have our exhibitions allotted at times. The gallery was huge, like a 4,000 sq foot gallery and I was the youngest in the group so i had to work hard... It was called The Arts Project in London, Ontario. This is where I got my start!”


-Ok so why Cabarete and Millennium Hotel?

“Cabarete was a natural choice, i live here!. So when i decided to do this space in Millennium, i’d already been thinking about it for two years now. Before i had a lot going with kiteboarding and figured i’d let it (the idea) go.. But i could still visualize it. Kept walking by that space in Millennium and on my way to breakfast with a friend i went in and had a meeting, put up a business plan together and worked out a good deal with Millennium. They loved the idea! Also, their clientele is the kind i like to work for.”


Any specific subjects or themes you like to create around?

“When it comes to subjects, I just go around nature and general life. Random elements, and change. Whatever makes me feel inspired. The one I worked for the gallery is titled Real Life Photoshop because of the techniques i use to create them and its layers. I ended up selling 4 out of 8 pieces for the collection before the exposition and sold another 2 during it, as well as getting some new commissions.”

What kind of people buy Chilvers artwork?

“Anyone and everyone! The kind of people that buys my work is very varied. Some are 20 year olds getting their first apartment, while others are millionaires. From 50% of the countries in the world, probably one person in each of those countries has a Chilvers painting hanging on the wall. Which is pretty cool i admit!

About the gallery, i plan to do  different subjects and exhibitions every 3-6 months, do specific shows and marketing them like that. Eventually i’d like to collaborate with more artists and develop like a Fine Arts gallery. But ultimately i’m just working on myself as an artist. Which is fine with me!”


And that sounds fine with us too. You go Sam! 

Cabarete could always use more art!

PS: Check out this short video of Sam making one of her latest masterpieces!

To know more about Sam do feel free to read our past interview here.


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