Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kashmir Jones- The Face of Dominican Hip Hop

Kashmir Jones Returns to the Hotspot company Cabarete May 21 2017In recent years hip hop has been making its way on the island of Santo Domingo, Adopting itself as a sub-culture which is being increasingly accepted by much of society, becoming one of the many expressions of Dominican youth.

In the scene we can find the indie rap, which, though, isn't the foremost popular genre, is the one that maintains in a pure state the roots and values that influence this native culture of the U.S.A.

Among its most worthy representatives, we can highlight the emcee Kashmir Jones. Who, through his music gives us a refreshing and exquisite blend, just like a good aged rum with coke.

Kashmir Jones is offered in his records and singles, a very personalised musical and lyrical variety. It could be verbalised that it goes from the old, but timeless bombap of the 90's mixed with modern rhythms and updated content, where the play of words transpires to be a whole poetic adventure.

The northern coast of this beautiful island, especially places like Sosua and Cabarete, have welcomed him with the warmth and the brouhaha that characterises its people and the multicultural tourists who visit them.

So far this year, there are several concerts offered there. His most recent was in one of the prestigious Cabarete beach bars "The HotSpot Bar & Lounge", where he presented much of his repertoire. songs of his first album ‘’Más de EP’’, as well as of ‘’Miopía Voluntaria’’ which responds to an inordinately fascinating phrase: "There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see." and his latest material Savoir Faire where he enlightens us that ‘’It’s not the same to just do that know how to do things’’

Currently Kashmir Jones is considered the face of Dominican indie hip hop and is definitely an artist that should be on any playlist of anyone who relishes good rap.

See Kashmir Jones live at The HotSpot Company Saturday April 21st 2017. 

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