Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Who's who in Cabarete

Still Eighteen

Still Eighteen (photo from Eighteen, formerly called Culture Shock, are a Canadian family rock band featuring dad Joey as the main guitar player and singer, daughter Samantha as the base player and mum Karen on the drums. The family started playing together as a fun pastime, but have since grown into a real rock band with concerts in prestigious places such as the Hard Rock Café in both Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. This Cabarete based family will play again in the Hard Rock Café in Santo Domingo this upcoming Saturday so we decided it was high time to put them in the spotlight and find out a bit more about this band.

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Cruise Mode with Andre Phillip

Andre Phillip Cruise Mode TonalifeProfessional kiteboarder Andre Phillip is considered a legendary and trendsetting athlete with years of exploring and taking part in developing the sport. His latest video "Cruise Mode" hit the market this summer and demonstrates the passion and dedication Andre and fellow rider and entrepreneur Jake Kelsic feeds off of. 
Andre has been coming to Cabarete for the past 18 years and has no intention of not returning to the north shores of the Dominican Republic. 
We had a chat with Andre after his latest visit to town. 

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The story behind Plus Magazine

Seven years ago, a finely-traced yet young and resolute woman embarked on a journey where only very few have been successful. At the time there was no printed information available for tourists visiting the north coast so Mabel Andreiny Elena set up a glossy magazine called Plus Magazine, which is published once every two months in both English and Spanish. Since the first pocket sized edition back in 2008, the printed magazine has gone from strength to strength and continues to be the only glossy magazine with tourism news on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We talked to the woman behind the scenes.


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Making a living with kites

Aryen Gonzalez Kitesurfing School CabareteAryen Gonzalez has been a kiteboarder for over ten years, even competing professionally a number of times but never winning as he rarely had enough equipment to train properly. To sustain himself he has taught how to kite for the past eight years. After learning the tricks of the trade at a reputed kite school for two years he decided to go it alone. He bought two kites and started working the beach like so many others have done before and after him. Most give up after a couple of months. Aryen stuck with it, worked hard, earned the respect of his students and has now opened his own school on Cabarete beach. This is his story.



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Interview with a life coach

Susy Giddy life coachCabarete is the home of a wide range of people from all walks of life and among the many different types of professionals this sports capital of the Caribbean hosts there is also a life coach. This interesting personality moved to Cabarete in 2009 together with her husband after pinky swearing that this is where their new home would be.  Over a Club Soda we spoke at length with Susy Giddy about her move to become a life coach and what it is she can do for others.

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Talking to Ivan Herrera

Ivan Herrera out on a shootThe Dominican Republic is not that well known for its film industry but this Caribbean island has some amazing talent, including Ivan Herrera, a cineaste who has made several films, including La Montana and Pueto’ pa’ mi, which hit cinemas around the country on 13 August 2015.

Currently living again in Cabarete, we had the chance to have a quick chat with him in between post-production of Pueto’ pa’ mi and looking for funds for a movie he wants to make here on the Dominican North Coast.

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The man behind Master of the Ocean

Marcus Bohm at Master of the OceanApart from organizing the Master of the Ocean, promoting the Dominican North Coast and running his surf school in Encuentro, Marcus Bohm has done tons of other things in the 25 years he’s been living in Cabarete.

We had a coffee with him to reminisce on the years gone by, the good vibes and the wide range of social projects he has been and continues to be involved in.


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Versatile musician in town

Shell Zimet - album Now and ForeverFollowing in the footsteps of those musicians he most admirers, this experienced US musical performer takes the songs of well-known musicians like and gives it a twist of his own, changing it sometimes beyond recognition.

Starting out as a professional performer from the young age of 14, Shell Zimet has since accumulated decades of experience and covers a wide range of music styles including R&B, Motown, Jazz, Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Soul and a little Blues. We had a little chat with him over coffee and a Belgian pastry.

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