Monday, November 20, 2017

Who's who in Cabarete

Growing Up With The Schweitzers

Zane and Shelby Schweitzer Master of the Ocean Cabarete Dominican Republic HawaiiIts 9 am in Cabarete and the Belgium Bakery is packed with tourists. Everyone is busy ordering fruit bowls, pastries or even mangu, a famous Dominican style breakfast of mashed plantains served with onions accompanied by eggs or salami. The two youngest Schweitzer’s can be seen walking in and doing their line along with the rest, while their eyes scan the display of goodies. Afterwards they sit down, all smiles, and join me in a table with a small mountain of food.

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Emmanuel Rondon - A True Master!

Emmanuel Rondon Master Of the Ocean Cabarete Dominican RepublicEmmanuel Rondon: Kitesurfer, 27, Cabarete.
True stories are special. Most times, reality has the power of overcoming fiction and expections with the interest of finding just how far we can go despite the limitations. This is the real story of Emmanuel Rondon, a young and hardworking athlete, Cabarete local, who has demonstrated that his reality could become better than any dream being crowned champion in kitesurfing for several competitions. But not everything started like this.

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Lou Marin - 14 and A Kiter to Watch

Lou kiteboarding“This is my very first interview!” says Lou Marin, kiteboarder, slightly giddy at the prospect. Her eyes beam the same shade of blue as the painting behind her: a perfect wave at its crest, threatening to curl.

Marin is a motivated, up-and-coming kiter to watch. Taking 2nd in the women’s division in Cabarete’s Big Air comp, the 14-year old athlete is readying to compete in February’s Master’s of the Ocean at Playa Encuentro.


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Suami Cavallo

Suami Cavallo kiteboardingHailing from a hometown near Sicily, Suami Cavallo, kiteboarder extraordinaire, was only 2 when her family visited relatives in the Dominican Republic. “And then suddenly, I was 11!” exclaims the 13-year old athlete, breaking into a big, animated grin, her signature response to just about everything. “I wanted to learn English and Spanish, and my family moved to Cabarete.”



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Gordon Gannon risking everything to build a community

Encuentro beach“I believe in Cabarete. I want the town to grow and I’m happy to have played a part in its development. I fell in love with Cabarete the same way most of us have when we come here, because it’s a very special place”.

Gordon Gannon’s departing words as we wrapped up his interview still lingered in my mind as I woke the following day, in the little strip of sand most of us reading this will call home.

It takes a special kind of man to wether life’s storms far away from their native land and Canadian- born Gordon seems to have endured his share with dignified aplomb and humour.

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Alexis Pierret behind the video lenses

Artist SeriesFilming and editing videos of pro-kiters in the watersports capital of the Caribbean will sound like a dream to many. French national Alexis Pierret, who has spent a big chunk of his life in the United States and has been living in Cabarete on and off since 2008, is living that dream. When not playing in the waves or the sand in Cabarete, Dominican Republic Alex plays with boats and travels to faraway places, sometimes getting helicopter rescue from the top of a Bora Bora mountain... Alex Pierret is known in the community as one of the most creative and talented video producers on the beaches of the north coast. 

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Mulata Universal

Clarisse Albrecht Mulata UniversalTypically Brazilian tunes mixed with some soul, some purely Spanish cajita beats juxtaposed with the full rounded base tunes of a trombone… Every song that Clarisse Albrecht has written and recorded has an element of surprise, though her beautiful low voice sparks as a red thread throughout the diversity. Clarisse has just come back from promoting her first album in France and we had a coffee with her to find out more about the personality behind those soulful tunes.

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Modern art in Sosua

Leo DiazAnyone who has been to the art gallery in Sosua in the aptly named street called Camino de los Artistas will have seen the modern art work of established artist Leo Diaz, who, despite his relatively young age and only having been on the scene for a decade, has managed to create a well-known style and brand with his art. With styles ranging from impressionism to cubism, Leo manages to evoke emotions with every single one of his canvasses and his style is increasingly copied by a number of other artists. With clients in eighteen countries and counting, his paintings are no strangers to the walls of diplomatic residencies as well as other VIP buildings. We had the pleasure of having a chat with him to get to know the man behind these works of art..

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