Wednesday, November 22, 2017

September Travel Wannahaves

Travel WannahavesThis month we’ve got some really cool gadgets that are handy for any type of traveler. Like to keep your beach towel sand free, looking for a device to recharge your electronic equipment no matter where you are, or do you simply like your beverages to stay cool? Consider your search over, we’ve highlighted the latest innovations right here.


TRAVEL WANNAHAVE: Revolutionary beach towel
Do you love chilling on the beach but hate getting sand on your towel? Despair no more! Sandless Beach Mats has come up with a revolutionary beach mat, which can literally not cover with sand. Initially intended for military use as a helicopter landing pad, the material is two-layered with the bottom layer preventing sand, dust and debris from coming up and the top layer letting sand and other particles through so the mat is always clean. Perfect for a day out on the beach, for having a picnic and as an entrance mat to your tent or caravan. The useful d rings on each corner allow you to pin down the mat so it will stay in place no matter what. Or get two and use the second one to create shade as it also blocks 91% of the sun rays, but still lets air through.

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TRAVEL WANNAHAVE: Power up your devices with the sun
Getting off the beaten track is amazing and exhilarating but sometimes means you don’t have any outlets to recharge your camera, phone, tablet or gps. Now, with this little gadget you can stay off the grid as long as you want and still take photos till your heart’s content (or you’ve run out of memory). Weighing only 250 grams (just under 9 ounces), this solar recharger is both waterproof and recharges on a normal outlet within four hours. Using the ultra-lightweight portable and weather-resistant Nomad 7 solar panel the charger is charged up within nine hours and ready to charge all your devices day or night.

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Travel Wannahaves battery power up (photo by Wannahaves battery power up (photo by

TRAVEL WANNAHAVE: Keep your beverages cool
When it’s hot outside, is there anything better than a cool beer? Get your own personalized neoprene zippered bottle cooler. You’ll be able to enjoy that ice-cold beer for much longer while not getting cold fingers. And as it’s personalized no one will get confused and grab your beer instead of theirs. Of course it can also be used for any other beverages that come in bottle format, and can even make a great present for people you meet along your travels.

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