Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Travel Wannahaves for June

June travel wannahavesIt’s summer here in the DR! (as is during most of the year). So go on, run along... explore, travel, get outdoorsy! But not without the right gadgets to make your trip memorable. 
Check out this month’s selection and let us know if you think these would be ideal to keep in mind for your next gadget search. Also, you can always suggest cool new gadgets you’ve tried recently and we might just include it next month’s list. You never know!



Satechi BT Button Series:

Haven’t you felt like your smile wears off when once you put the timer and it’s been like 7 minutes before the photo snaps? Yeah we get that too. Alas, a remote would be more ideal, specially if you’re in a hard to access place/position. Now the BT Button can help you control your music, access Siri, Google Now, or other phone apps to make calls, get directions or look up info.

June travel wannahaves

As more and more professionals suggest light therapy to be effective against insomnia, jet lag and affective disorder, the Luminette Eyewear comes with a portable (yet not very stylish) design. However, using it just 30 minutes in the morning before your daily routine should be enough to keep your biological clock on time even if you switch time zones on the regular.

June travel wannahavesJune travel wannahaves

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro:
Get the multi out of multifunction devices! This 3-1 is a wireless portable speaker, a flashlight with 3 settings (torch, lamp and strobe), making it ideal for camp-outs. Also it includes a USB port which works as a charger for your smartphone (portable battery). And guess what? You can use all 3 at the same time!

June travel wannahavesJune travel wannahaves


June travel wannahaves buckshot pro


If your plan of an adventure includes places without cell phone service or roaming fees, the goTenna system lets you text with others who have a goTenna installed as well, at least within a few miles. Also great for keeping in touch in crowded spots!

june travel wannahaves gotenna


So there you have it folks! 

If you know any new gadgets or noticed we missed some, what do you think we should include?

Please throw us a line here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy your gadgets and safe travels!

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