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North Coast gems - Playa Diamante

Playa Diamante - photo credit - gocabrera.comCabrera, known for its cliff-riddled coastline, harbors a well-hidden gem. Tucked in between two headlands, Playa Diamante has beautiful crystal clear turquoise water that stays shallow without any waves or currents for a at least hundred meters from the shore. 

Perfectly protected from the Atlantic, this beach is very popular with families as it provides one of the safest bathing environments in the area, especially for small children.


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North Coast jewels - Playa Caleton

Playa caleton - small but beautifulPlaya Caleton is famously located in a small u-shaped bay oriented away from the typical swell direction, which means no waves or currents. This is where the mighty Atlantic Ocean is tamed forming a beautiful natural pool with crystal clear water.  The sandy beach slowly descends into the water making this the ideal playground for the whole family.




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A day out in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata old town - photo credit:godominicanreplublic.comThe beautiful North Coast of the Dominican Republic has a lot more to offer than just extreme sports,  waves, wind, beaches and tropical cocktails. Sometimes it’s nice to get away for a day and experience something different, maybe even absorb a bit of history... Puerto Plata, officially called San Felipe de Puerto Plata, is only 30 minutes away from Cabarete and has some pearls on offer for those interested in looking for them.



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Travel Wannahaves: July

july travel wannahavesFor this month’s travel wannahaves we have some really good suggestions you will definetly want to look into. Going from a super cool inflatable board for watersports, a short read on world travel while working abroad and also exploring famous kiteboarding spots. If you have any awesome travel elements that have worked for you feel free to send us a line with ideas too! 




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Travel Wannahaves for June

June travel wannahavesIt’s summer here in the DR! (as is during most of the year). So go on, run along... explore, travel, get outdoorsy! But not without the right gadgets to make your trip memorable. 
Check out this month’s selection and let us know if you think these would be ideal to keep in mind for your next gadget search. Also, you can always suggest cool new gadgets you’ve tried recently and we might just include it next month’s list. You never know!



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