Wednesday, November 22, 2017

July Travel Wannahaves

GoPro Hero 4 silverTRAVEL‬ ‎WANNAHAVE‬ - New GoPro Hero4 revolution!!
The size of a zippo lighter, with a touch screen for easy viewing and the best video quality ever, the GoPro HERO4 silver edition should definitely be on your travel wish list, independently of whether you plan to go trekking on the highest mountain of the Caribbean, or go dive and explore wrecks in beautiful underwater landscapes. The protective waterproof case will make sure your GoPro and your filmed memories are safe no matter what the conditions.

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June Travel Wannahaves

June Travel WannahavesLove to travel but not so much in love with your bulky luggage?

This month our team of travel specialists have selected three travel wannahaves you will definitely want to have so you don't have to worry about your luggage and instead can focus on enjoying your travels to the fullest.




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May Travel Wannahaves

May Travel WannahavesTraveling means new appealing impressions, new exciting places and interesting new faces. Traveling also means flexibility and making smart choices. To make sure that you don’t spend half of your travels cursing your huge bag, packing light is of the essence.  

Continuing our selection of travel wannahaves, we have selected three items that will help you make smart choices for your upcoming travels.



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March Travel Wannahaves

travel wannahavesThis past month we’ve been scouring the net for interesting travel wannahaves – accessories that will help you travel comfortably and with style, so you can trot this globe on your terms. Check out our selection here.




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Travel wannahaves - February edition

Travel wannahaves

No matter if you travel for fun, out of passion or for work – there are two ways to travel. Either you go Dutch caravan style, taking everything from home with you, including potatoes and other “essentials”, or you do it in style and keep your belongings to a basic and useful minimum keeping in mind that you can always buy whatever you still need in your destination.   

But no matter what your travel preferences are, we have put together a few wannahaves that every travel lover will want…


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