Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Bittersweet Homecoming

Cabarete Vibes Dominican Republic Tiny Pirate LifestyleCabarete is like the bad, sexy boyfriend that you can't leave. The one that inspires a mad love affair that you can never let go of, and makes you feel alive. This, in spite of knowing deep down that at some point, the bewitching headiness will lead to no good. That is why Cabarete is so addictive. We all love the bad boy.

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Teenage Self

Lifestyle Cabarete Tiny pirate Blog Claudia Batchelor Teenage SelfIf talking to oneself is a sign of madness then I am certifiably insane. I talk myself into escapades, (which then lead me to having to talk myself out of trouble), to the characters in my head which I create for my stories, when I need courage, in times of stress, when I’m happy, and to beat myself up when I've messed up.

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Benjamin Cole Brown

Lifestyle Cabarete Benjamin Cole Brown Benjamin Cole Brown is one of the greatest humans beings I have had the honour to spend time with. I realise there are other people involved in his tragic accident, and my heart goes out to Chuck and Candy and all of their families and friends who are also going through this hell. However I didn't know them but I know Benjamin, and wanted to talk about him because he deserves our support. As I write this, we still don’t know where he and his friends are. If you are religious I ask for your prayers, if you are spiritual, I ask for your positive thoughts in bringing them all back.

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To Salsa Is To love

Tiny Pirate Lifestyle Cabarete Salsa 1If you could live your life again what would you do? Would you do what you are doing now? Or would you change direction, be more daring, wild, or the total opposite? ***
Whilst I’ve been supremely fortunate to make a career out of the things I love, in my next life I would like to be a dancer. My friends and partners have always known this and indulged my psychotic moves across the years, and as I age (as I am unlikely to mature), I’m certain that I will be the embarrassing granny busting out my best shapes on the dancefloor, trying not to crack a hip.


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A Tiny Pirate In Jail

tinypirat lifetsyle cabareteIt’s been a while…I’ve been busy with life, love, adventures and my new magazine. As soon as I can share it with you I will! ☺
Some of you may know I've spent a couple of nights in jail, and each time I have left feeling blessed that the freedom my incredible mum sacrificed so much for is not something that she fought so in vain. Freedom is everything to me and I will die before I relinquish it.

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48 hours in Cartagena

Tiny Pirate CartagenaOn the top central coast of Colombia, Cartagena’s historical and political heritage is undeniable. Founded in 1533 by Spanish commander Pedro de Heredia, the city quickly established itself as the leading trade and governmental seat of the Conquistadors in the New World. Gold tombs and Indian reserves were immediately pillaged by the invaders, and the city soon became a huge bank vault for the precious jewels, silver and bullion that the Spanish were ripping from the heart of Colombia and neighbouring Peru, and shipping back to Europe. Seven miles of fortified walls- the largest in Latin America- were built to defend against the many Pirates, English Privateers and a host of nefarious characters who frequently tried to ransack the plundered wealth stored within the imposing fort.

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A Cultural Staycation in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Skyline Prince The Artist Lifestyle CabaretePrince fans often wonder why he chose to live in his natal city as opposed to somewhere more glamorous and warm. This titan of a man, whose very essence is creativity and flair, seemed to be too flamboyant to remain in a place that- from an outsider’s point of view- was a colorless urban sprawl that suffered from forever winters. This, I deducted from watching ‘Fargo’ and a ‘Sky Arts’ documentary over a decade ago, and which prevented me from making the pilgrimage to Minneapolis sooner. Having now visited, I’m ashamed of my myopic view.

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Howard Marks

Howard MarksHoward Marks' last tour before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer was called ‘Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe.’ But he was so much more than that. He was a man of integrity, a true gentleman and family man, intelligent wit, unrivalled raconteur, voracious adventurer, passionate music lover and now the brightest star in the sky. 

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