Monday, November 20, 2017

Wo(Man)'s Best Friend!

Tiny Pirate Lifestyle Cabarete DoggiesWhen I was a child we had a Golden Retriever called Tony, who was silly and fun and loving and trusting and abit dopey, and he- along with some of his other daft friends- ended up being the main course for a pride of Lions who were visiting town as part of a traveling circus. True story. 

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Follow Your Dreams

Music Dream project Cabarete Dominican Republic Lifestyle Cabarete Tiny Pirate blogMusic is a language that everyone can connect to because we are rhythmic beings. We have a beat and a tone in the way we breathe, when we laugh, when we cry, in our walk, when we make love, our pulse and our heartbeat. When I was producing international events for the Ministry of Sound I would travel all over the world and communicate with anyone through our shared passion for music. We didn’t need a common tongue to bond.

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Our Neighbors Had a Party

Tiny Pirate int he Caribbean Puerto Rico Party peopleMost of us love a little fiesta, especially those delicious ones that last all night and provide some unexpected delights. The ones you think about long after the fact and they still make you smile, blush, feel naughty or preferably all of the above.

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Kitemares and (miss)adventures...

A Tiny Pirate Claudia Batchelor - Storm brewingI was a Pirate in a previous life, and suffered a violent death in a watery grave, in an unknown sea. The ocean has always therefore held an equally fascinating and terrifying attraction, and it’s only over the last few years that I have begun to love it as much as I do now. I have come a long way from being petrified of swimming on the surface with special plastic shoes (should anything have tried to nibble at my feet- pathetic, I know!) And whilst I have always adored the sea, I was also afraid of what it could do to me.

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The Death of Love and the Muse

Tiny Pirate Blog Claudia Batchelor Writer InspirationThere are definitely better ways to become an unemployed bum than by being a writer. I left London in order to do just that (write, not starve to death!), and whilst I have certainly delivered creatively, the wretched talons of discipline (a lack of), and procrastination (too much thereof), have relentlessly held me -gasping and helpless- in their destructive clutch.


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Being selfish to feel good

Sewing machine classes - A tiny Pirate Blog - Claudia BatchelorSeveral lifetimes ago I lived in a barrio in Bogota which was not dissimilar to Cabarete’s Barrio Blanco. Not quite a Favela, I like to think of my childhood home as a shanty town with aspirations. This is where I spent my formative years, watching my impressive grandmother charm, hustle, manipulate, love and scare those around her in equal measures, just so that we could survive. I know I have picked up all of her qualities- good and bad- as none of us are perfect, and all of us need a combination of light and darkness to get through life. That miniscule 4’9” woman was a force of nature to behold. The things she achieved with just the barest of an academic education were phenomenal feats. I literally owe my life to her.

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Kissy Sellout Tiny Pirate Blog Claudia BatchelorThere is only one man in my life I have ever loved without a second thought or fear of betrayal. He is one of the very few people who truly inspire me and makes me want to be better at what I do. Last week we celebrated 10 years of being together- with me managing this supremely talented musician, producer, broadcaster, DJ and artist- my friend and protégé Kissy 

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Tiny Pirate Blog Claudia Avila Batchelor RoadtripThe DR is a magical place to explore by road. This, I have recently found after my friend the Pirate invited me on a jolly to Las Terrenas, a sleepy seaside town which has the added bonus of a large French community. Croissants, crepes and delicious cellulite-inducing cheeses awaited me. Vive la France!!
So the Tiny Pirate and Pirate set off mid morning, and filling up in ‘la bomba’ my fist surprise of the day revealed itself to me. The petrol pumps look like ROBOTS!! I kid you not- they are actual little androids that dispense gasoline out of their skinny little arms. I ran around like a kid in a space party taking photos, whilst the Pirate looked nonchalantly at me. 

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