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Waking up with neck pain!

Waking up with neck pain"Yes, I'm on holiday having a great time but...woke up with this neck pain that just won't go away!!" Wish I had peso for every time I heard this complaint. "Can you help me?" The answer 9 out of 10 times is a yes!!!

Although I can never predict the outcome of an acupuncture treatment, the World Health Organization (WHO), lists neck pain as one of the symptoms or conditions that have been shown through controlled trials to be treated effectively with acupuncture.

Possible causes
So let's look at how you got here. Whether you have a chronic neck issue and it's rearing its ugly head now that you are finally allowing yourself that much-needed break from work or this is a first time "just woke up this way" incident, a session of acupuncture can help you back into vacation mode.

Let's analyze the typical culprits. Sleeping on a different mattress or pillow can have that effect (since you did feel okay when you went to bed). Or maybe you had a kite lesson the previous day, always looking up. Or you arrived a couple of days ago after two flights, lifting and carrying heavy luggage, sitting for an extended time in cramped seating and standing in lengthy lines... yes, travel is not so kind to our muscular skeletal system. Add this to the other stressers and there you have it: neck pain upon awakening.

Also the lack of proper circulation in itself can cause pain. Or you may be experiencing a slight subluxation (misalignment of the cranial or mid thoracic vertebrae). Again, an acupuncture session can help in order to get your muscles to relax enough to both increase circulation and allow your own vertebral adjustment.

Possible cures
Curing Neck pain with acupuncture

A 60 minute acupuncture session starts with a brief interview, where old injuries need to be mentioned. The actual session starts with a massage of the muscle groups involving rotator cuff movements, posture and head rotation using the shiatsu technique. The stimulation of these muscles and tendons at their insertion areas (trigger points) is a prelude to the electro stim acupuncture to these points further signaling the muscles to "let go" or relax by passive stimulation by pulsed beats. The sensation is a comfortable tapping.

After 15-20 minutes of stimulation to the affected muscle groups in the neck and shoulder area, the lower lumbar and mid thoracic areas are then treated similarly. Traditional Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole so by just dealing with the neck one can miss the root cause of the disturbance. Any area along the spine can contribute to neck pain as the human body can be compared to scaffolding in motion and patterns of compensation must be addressed.

our base or root chakra is the energy vortexAnd let's not forget the emotional/non-physical side to pain and disharmony. Looking at the chakra system, our base or root chakra is the energy vortex responsible for feeling grounded and when not at home this disruption can leave this physical area vulnerable. Hence an out of kilter sacrum, and up the vertebral ladder it climbs.

How to avoid neck pain in the first place
Prevention is of course better and I would rather see you on the beach than on my treatment table so here are five tips to keep you from that pain in the neck on vacation or anytime.

• Know your body and what you are capable of
• Think through travel scenarios. Maybe you need help with that extra bag.
• Keep circulation up by stretching and moving about when possible during a flight.
• Hydration helps with muscle health so drink up!
• Consider traveling with your own pillow.

Happy travels!!!!!!


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