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Afro Weekend in Cabarete, celebrating the roots

Collaboration Hotspot Company and Afro Beat Cabarete with Carolina CamachoCabarete invites to a weekend of afro celebration and artistry here in Cabarete! The new collaboration between event organizers in Cabarete brings good vibes to the event scene and opens doors for Cabarete to keep blooming in its growth and expression of culture and art. 

Events and happenings have been popping back on the radar here in Cabarete the last few months, raising hope for the once so connected community of Cabarete, to shine and bring people together. Although the event scene never completely disappeared, we have seen a change in it, which lets us create new paths for connecting artists, musicians, writers, photographers, media and others to share their art and passion with the world. This weekend there is a new collaboration on the go, breaking the path ahead for more joint efforts in sharing what Cabarete and the Dominican Republic has to offer. It's Afro Weekend in Cabarete, celebrating culture, music, dance and art. 

Carolina Camacho at The HotSpot Company
The evening kicks off with Dominican artist Carolina Camacho. This concert is a part of her Afrotaina Tour, launching her new album.

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Carolina Camacho concert tour Afrotaina Hotspot CabareteSeveral years since the release of her debut album "Atabey" from which the singles "Ninfa de las Aguas" and "Embeleso" were singled out by NPR as one of the discoveries of the "NPR Treasure Hunt" at LAMC, on November 18th of this year, Carolina Camacho will release her first full length album : AFROTAÍNA.

The first single of this production is named "Leona" and speaks of the self-assured, sensual, empowered woman who owns her divinity. A sort of hymn to women and especially to those in posession of natural hair.

Carolina Camacho takes the term globalization to a musical context by mixing Afro-Caribbean rhythms with diverse genres such as electronic and vocal jazz giving it an alternative approach and using a loop station as a resource for live shows.

Camacho has participated in festivals like SXSW; Marvin; Blue Note Jazz Festival (Sabrosa, Latin part) in 2015 and Havana World Music; AfroLatino Fest NYC in 2016. Her work has been reviewed by renowned websites like Club Fonograma; Afropunk and Remix.

In this album Carolina, continues mixing and experiencing diverse styles in her efforts to give a new meaning to the Afro-Caribbean genre, while preparing for the promotional tour of the album.

"We can say that an artist is ahead of the curve when she maintains the organic folklore of her roots to integrate it into new cultural and artistic trends" -Club Phonogram.

Listen to Carolina Camacho on Soundcloud

Afro Beat Cabarete and Carolina Camacho concert CabareteAfro Beat Cabarete

This popular event has had a break, but is back with full force and a series of activities celebrating the culture, the music and dance of the African and Caribbean culture. 
The event was started by a group of women with African background and with a passion and love for art, music and dance, and to take care of and build more awareness about the background of this art, music and dance. 
Organizers Alita Akashi and Nina Ndjemba Elemva both have years of living and working for the awareness of culture and friendship in Cabarete. 

"We see the change in Cabarete and the opportunity to build something new, but together with the community and the people in it. We have so much potential to bring events and lifestyle to a new level here, just by dearing to put our heads together and work for a common goal" says Alita Akashi. 

Nina Ndjemba Elemva has for years brought people together through dance, teaching her students at Alma Libre Dance School the secrets of African and Caribbean dance:
"The weekend brings opportunities to expand and welcome new ideas and old ideas in a new format of collaborations. We stay positive and step in to a new time of community".

The two events are coordinated on schedule and will overlap each other slightly, for a smooth transition from downtown Cabarete to Kite Beach and Extreme Hotel. 

Carolina Camacho Concert: 10PM (stage opens)
Afro Beat Party: 11.11 until late late

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