Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Beautiful cheese fondue

Rolf_Beeler_Vacherin_FribourgeoisNothing better than to get together with friends and get all cozy and share a pot of bubbly melted cheese. Combined with some good wine and a basket full of bread. While I’m at it, add a good bottle of kirsch… I mean it’s that time of year; when winter sets in and the weather creates that perfect opportunity for warm and cozy meals at home. You know where I’m headed with that one? Yep, cheese fondue.

Ok!! But unless I can get myself and my friends teleported to a Swiss chalet complete with a rustic fireplace and snowy mountains outside the foggy windows, with the smell of smoky wood and maybe one stuffed animal head on the wall, then you’re probably asking yourself why I’m even choosing this topic? Because it’s CHEESE related and even better it’s melted cheese goodness in which you dip bread (traditionally) or any other food items you fancy.

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Awesome avocados

cami-at-vacabarAh, avocados… everybody knows they’re good for you. They’re good for blood pressure, eyes, hair masks, for pregnant ladies, and even believed to prevent cancer. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat, which is a good fat. Good fat? Can bacon be good fat? No, unfortunately not, because it’s not a nut, nor a plant oil, but pure animal. I need to stop fantasizing….
But don’t start thinking “good fat, that means I can eat all I want!”. Remember avocados are high in calories. So don’t go eating all you want. Everything, always in moderation!

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Cabarete street food

Cabarete street food big bang yaroasHey! I’m back, and guess what? I am a little tired of always writing about my food and my recipes. I’m sure some of you readers might even find me a little too much all over your face with food. So that’s why I decided to write STILL about food (that’s the only thing I know), but not home-made nor Vacabar made!




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For all the bacon lovers out there

Bacon panWhere do I even start on this one? Let’s just say that bacon makes everything better! Unless you’re a vegetarian of course, then this delicious treat with its perfect salty taste and crunchy texture is unfortunately not for you and you better start reading about something else.

But for all the meat lovers out there, and I’m definitely one of them, bacon is the best thing in the meat world. Actually, a nice red juicy entrecôte is also the best thing. Now wrap a piece of bacon cooked to perfection around that juicy meat… and you get a crazier even better dimension of goodness!

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Caramelized French Toast

Yummy caramelized toastI am not that big on sweet stuff, especially when it comes to breakfast. I would much rather have eggs with cheese and crispy bacon with a kick of hot sauce and a couple of slices of avocado, than pancakes, or toast with jam and butter, or chocolate bread. I guess that’s because I grew up in the Dominican Republic, and have been influenced by American culture.



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Brunch is a Philosophy

Eggs benedict bacon eggsWhy is brunch so cool? At first, the small French side of my brain thought it was a way to up-sell a silly late breakfast to people who were too lazy to wake up in time. But then I realized, when I’m not working… I am one of those people. And yes! It’s so amazing to be able to just wake up at any time, especially super hungover from all the partying, and know that you can go to that restaurant, bar or cafeteria you love so much, and order a yummy “more than just breakfast" kinda dish.


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