Monday, November 20, 2017

For all the bacon lovers out there

Bacon panWhere do I even start on this one? Let’s just say that bacon makes everything better! Unless you’re a vegetarian of course, then this delicious treat with its perfect salty taste and crunchy texture is unfortunately not for you and you better start reading about something else.

But for all the meat lovers out there, and I’m definitely one of them, bacon is the best thing in the meat world. Actually, a nice red juicy entrecôte is also the best thing. Now wrap a piece of bacon cooked to perfection around that juicy meat… and you get a crazier even better dimension of goodness!

Add a little touch of sweetness and it becomes even more magical. Don’t buy those fancy maple syrup bacon packages in the super market, if you can do it yourself! Nothing better than a little DIY in our lives. Makes us feel proud.

So next time you want to take bacon to the next level, just add a drizzle of honey, or maple syrup (if you have a nice Canadian friend who is willing to bring some down from Canada) when your bacon is almost ready and cooked to perfection. You can even sprinkle a little bit of sugar on it right at the end. It will melt and caramelize with the bacon fat. Njam njam!!

My favorite way for that added sweet touch is macadamia sugar. Trust me, so good!  Or experiment even more and add some Sriracha or chili powder. The result: a perfect sticky, crispy texture with sweet and salty tickling your taste buds followed by a spicy explosion. We call it Man Candy, although I’m sure some ladies out there are actually jealous of that name.

bacon condoms

Another good thing about bacon is its fat. You can use it as a substitute for any oil or grease material to cook in. Want the perfect example? Cook your pancakes with bacon fat and you’ll see what I mean. When I used to live in Barcelona, I discovered a place that prepared their pastries with “manteca de cerdo”, or simply lard. And guess what? I loved them. To me, a true bacon lover, they tasted better than the real French croissant. My apologies to my French heritage and family for this confession, but it’s a matter of taste and that’s that.

I love cooking with bacon and as a matter of fact it’s one of the most consumed items at Vacabar. Especially at breakfast time. Bacon and sausage breakfast burger, the classic Full English, French toast with bacon, bacon and eggs, bacon in wraps, bacon, bacon, bacon.

Not sure if you guys have ever been at the supermarket only to find they had run out of bacon… believe me, it happens. And for a breakfast joint not to have bacon is a real crime so I now stock up on my bacon supply very carefully. In the freezer we have about eight to nine pounds of bacon. I’m actually really proud of it! Also at home I have bacon in my freezer, along with bagels and nice bread for whenever the occasion of making a proper breakfast unexpectedly comes around the corner.


Over the last couple of years, bacon has become more than just a breakfast item; it has definitely grown into a cool food trend. From the real bacon you can eat to practically anything bacon flavored, scented, infused, shaped, designed, and many more crazy ideas out there. It’s gone far, trust me… I’ve even seen bacon-scented sex toys. NO further comment…

Also in regular meals bacon is being more and more consumed. It can just as easily be found on a simple breakfast table at home as on a shelf of a high-end food market in the form of a chocolate bar, or on an epicurean menu in a Michelin restaurant. At the same time, we must not forget that too much of anything in life isn't good; so love your bacon, but in moderation. Let’s start (in moderation) with this delicious recipe!

Bacon Blue Cheese Dates
Fun, tasty and easy to do as a starter for when you’re having a party and want to impress the crowd!

baking pan
paper towel

a pack of regular bacon (about 20 slices)
20 dates with no seed, or you need to cut them out yourself!
1/4 pound of blue cheese
some honey

1.    Start by preheating the oven at 200C. Meanwhile break down the blue cheese into little crumbs with your hands. Stuff the inside of the dates with enough cheese to make them full and plenty. Once done, lick cheese of fingers. This is the second best part of the whole deal!

Bacon blue cheese dates recipeBacon blue cheese dates recipe

2.    Once fingers licked and washed, take a whole bacon strip and wrap it around the date securing it with a tooth pick. If it wraps more than once around the date, better. More bacon = more joy!

Bacon blue cheese dates recipeBacon blue cheese dates recipe

3.    Place those little dudes on your baking tray. No need to add any type of grease or wax paper, since the bacon will naturally release its greasy goodness and make noting stick.

Bacon blue cheese dates recipe

4.    Patiently cook them for about eight minutes, then roll them over to make sure every surface gets cooked properly. Add an extra eight to ten minutes or until bacon is crispy. Depends on the oven and heat. Just check it once and a while.

Bacon blue cheese dates recipe

5.    When ready, drain them on a paper towel. Place on serving plate and add a drizzle of honey on top.

Bacon blue cheese dates recipe

Best part is that you can prepare them in advance. Even the day before, and heat them up in microwave just as your guests arrives. More free time on your hands to get in an extra drink
with your friends. Yay!

Bacon blue cheese dates recipe

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