Saturday, November 18, 2017

Do a... transition frontloop nose grab

How to do a...transition frontloop nosegrabDAMIEN'S" KITEBOARDING BLOG: This week Damien is showing you step by step how to do another cool trick in beautiful Cabarete.

This really cool variation of the simple frontloop trick is relatively easy to learn and sure to impress! Make those transitions more fun!




Before you start
This trick is composition of a two tricks, combining a frontloop with a nose grab. Before trying this trick make sure that your able to do all of the following moves:

•    Jump
•    Nose grab
•    Frontloop
•    Aerial transition (jump and change direction in the air)

Kite set-up and wind conditions
Take the same kite you usually ride with and keep the same settings. Try this trick first in moderate winds.  

First steps
Before attempting this trick practice all the separate bits for a while. Do a couple of frontloops, followed by some nose grabs. Practice your aerial transitions and once you’re comfortable with all moves try the complete trick.


1)    Jump with the kite at 80 degrees with both your hands at the center of the bar. While taking off put the kite at 12 o’clock.
1. Start off this trick with a normal jump
2)    Take your front hand of the bar and lean in to grab the nose of your board. It’s easiest to start off by taking the heelside of the nose, close to the fin. Later on you can go for the actual nose.  
2. Take your front hand off the bar and grab the nose of your board
3)    Once you’ve grabbed your board push your front shoulder backwards to start rotating and initiating the frontloop move.
3. Push your front shoulder back to initiate the turn

4. Keep on turning
4)    Hold on to the nose and continue to spin. Whilst rotating decrease the pressure on your bar a little bit to avoid any unwanted moves from the kite.

5. Let go off the bar pressure a bit to keep the kite where you want it to be

6. Keep on turning
5)    About half way through the rotation progressively increase the pressure on your back hand to move the kite towards where you will be landing (aerial transition move)
7. Halfway through the trick - with your backhand move the kite gently in the direction you will land
6)    Keep your grab position and continue to spin. Once you’re getting close to your full rotation, prepare for landing by watching where you will land.
7a. Keep on turning
7)    Straighten your legs in preparation for landing but try and keep hold of the grab until the last minute.
8. Start pushing your legs out to prepare for landing
8)    When you get really close to the water, let go off the grab and put both hands on the bar.
9. Let go off the grab and prepare for landing
9)    Land downwind and with your body weight on your back leg. Your kite should be in the 10 to 11 o’clock position ready for you to ride in the new direction.

Common mistakes and tips
-    Don’t spin too fast. If you spin too fast you won’t have enough time to grab your board.
-    Keep your head straight. If your head is bent it’s really hard to grab the board
-    Hold on to the grab until landing. If you let go earlier you are likely to lose your balance.
-    Once you’ve nailed the trick try putting some power in your pop. With more pop power you’ll be able to get a better axis of rotation, and the grab will look all the sweeter for it.

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