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How to do… a raley

The perfect raleyRaley is a pretty radical trick where you jump, unhook and extend your legs above your head. Looks super cool and is great fun to do. This week’s blog describes how to do a raley step by step.





Level: intermediate

Before trying this trick
Before trying this trick you must be comfortable with classic moves including jumping high (and landing well), as well as frontloop and backloop.

Gear and wind
Like always when you try new tricks, use your usual set-up. Make sure the wind is not too strong.

Suicide mode
Riding unhooked unleashes the real power of the kite - and removes your depower, which can be scary. As always when trying new tricks you will fall and when you ride unhooked you will lose your bar. To make sure the safety isn’t released when you lose the bar, you need to connect your leash in suicide mode, which means connecting your leash to the chicken loop instead of the depower line. The pros of riding in suicide mode are that that you don't have to spend ten minutes resetting your safety each time you miss a handle pass or crash. The cons are a slightly higher risk of getting spanked if you get it wrong.

Trim your lines
Before you unhook, you need to first trim your kite so that it does not back stall when you have the bar pulled down against the chicken loop. To do this, pull your bar all the way down with your kite straight overhead. If the kite starts to back up into the window, you need to shorten your front lines until the kite will sit calmly at the edge of the window with the bar pulled all the way in.

1.    Ride with your kite at 45 degrees at a consistent speed
1 - Ride at constant speeds with kite at 45 degrees
2.    Take the finger out of the chickenloop and put both hands at the center of the bar.
2 - Take out the chicken finger
3.    Ride a little downwind to unhook your bar. The more downwind you are riding, the lower the pressure on your arms will be when you unhook. To unhook, pull down on the bar until the harness loop falls away from your hook.
3 - Pull bar down to unhook
4.    Edge hard back upwind with your board, push on your back leg and pop out of the water
4 - While unhooked edge hard upwind5 - Pop out of the water
5.    As you’re unhooked in the air the kite will pull you forward strongly
6 - Let the kite pull you forward
6.    Make sure your kite stays at a 45 degree angle and extend your body so you’re in the superman position.
7 - Get into the superman position
7.    Bend your knees so your board comes above the level of your head
8 - Bend your knees so the board is higher than your head9 - The perfect Raley10 - The perfect Raley
8.    The force of gravity will bring you back to an upright position pretty fast. Keep your body relatively straight.
11 - Gravity will bring you back down
9.    When back in a vertical position, prepare to land with your board pointing downwind. Beware that the landing is likely to be a heavy one the first few times.
12 - Keep your body relatively straight on the way down13 - Put your board in the downwind position and prepare for landing
10.    Spot your landing and land
14 - Bend your knees a bit for landing15 - Land
11.    To rehook, ease the tension on the lines by staying downwind. Pull the bar down below your harness hook and guide it back on the hook. This can be difficult if your chicken loop is really small or floppy. If you are having trouble hooking back in, you can also grab onto the chicken loop and let go of the bar for a few moments. This will depower your kite and make it very easy to pull the chicken loop back on to your harness hook. Watch your fingers if you hook back in this way. If you hold your kite high in the window, you will find it much easier to kill the power in the kite and hook back in.
16 - Rehook
12.    Ride and take your edge again
17 - Ride away

When riding unhooked, keep your hands centered and your elbows close to your body. Don’t let the kite pull your arms away because you will most likely end up being pulled off your board or catch an edge. Maintain good body position by forcing your shoulders away from the kite and keeping your hips pushed towards the kite.

Common mistakes
•    You forgot to take out the finger on your chickenloop
•    You’re not going downwind to unhook
•    You’re taking the edge too late or too early
•    Kite goes to 12 o’clock

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Photos by Ole Andreas Lervåg, copyright 2015

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