Saturday, March 25, 2017
  • More than meets the eye: Callejón de la Loma

    Come, put your sneakers on we’re going for a walk. Sightseeing fun spots is one of our favorite things to do. Each one of them seems to proudly carry it’s own unique style, more like a personality impressed in walls Read More
  • Cabarete - A Lovers Paradise

    It's San Valentine, or Valentines Day, Dia de Amor or you can choose any of the other names for this particular day number 14 in February. They say dear child bears many names, which seems to be true in this Read More
  • Making Friends in Cabarete

    Arrival to Cabarete (or any other place) means leaving friends behind, and finding and making new friends comes easily and naturally for others, it can be a lonely isolating and challenging experience. Meeting and making new friends is a skill Read More
  • Lunch with jazz king of the North Coast: Anthony Jefferson

    A life of trayectory in music, know the man behind the artist: Anthony Jefferson! Read More
  • Travel Wannahaves: July

    For this month’s travel wannahaves we have some really good suggestions you will definetly want to look into. Going from a super cool inflatable board for watersports, a short read on world travel while working abroad and also exploring famous Read More
  • Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet!

    On June 8th the Dominican Surf Federation (FEDOSURF), the Dominican Olympic Committee and the Environment and Sports Committee published a joint article mentioning … Read More
  • Good, clean and fair: Slow Food Cabarete

    There's a new crew of foodies in town, and they're the ultimate advocates for natural food and good living! Find out about the Slow Food Movement taking place in the North Coast! Read More
  • Samantha Chilvers: Fine Arts Gallery Opening

    We love art. Really! It may just be the most productive and creative way to express life. Find out about Samantha Chilvers art and new gallery! Read More
  • Going Downhill with Pam Diaz

    Extreme athletes go the extra mile. They seem to carry a heavy weight on their shoulders, that is to become overachievers in performance sports. Doesn't matter the gender over here, being the best they can be is the ultimate law. Read More
  • Arepa! Venezuelan Goodie!

    In a place where most local food is served with forks, and probably eaten on a plate... Arepas are NOT your basic latin food.  It started out with 3 chamos (buddies) who just so happen to be cousins: Luis Edgardo, Read More
  • Talking Dominican, Pt. 3

    Dominicans have a peculiar and funny way of expressing themselves. Let us know what happens when you insert common words in your daily life or on your next trip to the DR! Read More
  • Travel Wannahaves for June

    It’s summer here in the DR! (as is during most of the year). So go on, run along... explore, travel, get outdoorsy! But not without the right gadgets to make your trip memorable. Read More
  • The Stories Untold: Barrio Blanco's Haitian Women

    Over the last few years Barrio Blanco has received a gift. Once known as the most dangerous part of town... Read More
  • A Father’s Love

    “Being a father is hard.”You may have heard this phrase before, specially from other parents. But there’s something really big, important and rewarding about male parenting.          Read More
  • Relationships - Their Impact On Health and Wellness

     You don’t spell love, you feel it! We feel it in our hearts, minds and bodies. We feel love and relationships in such a way, that our health and well being are affected. As you read this article, take a moment Read More
  • Harnessing the Power of the Wind

    It’s safe to say that Tatiana Howard is happy pretty much anywhere she can see the ocean. She calls herself a Maui mermaid who loves surfing, kiting and windsurfing. She’s also the founder of The Butterfly Effect, a worldwide movement Read More
  • Julius Geier - Active in Surf Break Cabarete

    In most occassions, presents and good times are associated as synonyms, but when they arrive under dire circumstances, we tend to see them as a curse: Unexpected gifts can come under the disguise of a new challenge. 20 years ago, Read More
  • May Travel Wannahaves

    Travelers love gadgets. So do we! Have a look at some interesting Travel Wannahaves for convenient traveling and possibly saving your life! Send us a tipi f you know of cool travel gadgets that we might have missed. This month: Read More
  • A Cultural Staycation in Minneapolis

    Prince fans often wonder why he chose to live in his natal city as opposed to somewhere more glamorous and warm. This titan of a man, whose very essence is creativity and flair, seemed to be too flamboyant to remain Read More
  • Laila Puehringer - A World Traveler On a Kite

    You wouldn’t normally consider it a possibility to land in a Caribbean country for a trip and end up becoming a professional sports athlete and a lifestyle embassador shortly after, right? You just wouldn’t. But this isn’t the case for Read More
  • Growing Up With The Schweitzers

    Its 9 am in Cabarete and the Belgium Bakery is packed with tourists. Everyone is busy ordering fruit bowls, pastries or even mangu, a famous Dominican style breakfast of mashed plantains served with onions accompanied by eggs or salami. The Read More
  • Cabarete Carnaval Brings People Together!

    It’s humbling to see a community getting together the way it did on the north coast of The Dominican Republic this weekend. With representation from all over the country, young and old got together to celebrate the history and culture Read More
  • Cabarete es un Carnaval!

    After a successful 2015 test run for the Cabarete Carnaval Event, 2016 is coming strong with the official Dominican Republic Carnaval hosted by The Ministry Of Tourism and The Association of Hotels & Restaurants Cabarete and Sosua (ASHORESOCA) and travel Read More
  • Dominican Carnivals: One Big Colorful Party.

    It’s late Febuary in the DR and you can hear from a far the lyrics to a famous carnaval song… “Baila en la calle de noche, baila en la calle de día!”.Dancing on the Street at night, dancing on the Read More
  • Master of the Ocean, day 5: THE FINALS

    It’s Independence Day here in the Dominican Republic, the whole town of Cabarete just exudes its patriotism and what a good time to presence innovation, hard work and talent in the water. All athletes save the date for the Worlds Read More
  • If Sex Sells…I’m Not Buying!

    I’m slowly making my way back home, currently writing this from a freezing New York, and the only company I have is a stinking cold. I’ve been listening to Prince and trying to channel Apollonia ahead of a night out, Read More
  • The Guardians of Mama Africa

    Welcome to the new year! Did you make any resolutions? As you may imagine, I frequently meet mind-blowing pioneers on my travels, and last year was no exception. Let me share Nicky and Steve Fitzgerald with you- the kind of Read More
  • Cabarete Health & Wellness Fair 2016

    This past weekend Fresh Fresh Cafe welcomed the second annual Wellness Fair hosted by the Cabarete Health Coalition. There were more nearly 20 holistic health practitioners and businesses there to share their knowledge of health and wellness with the public Read More
  • Coloring Cabarete

    “The kids actually call me ‘Miss Nice,’” shares Emma Nice Grullon Balaguer, interior designer, illustrator of children’s books, and founder of Creatividad en Pote. Indeed, the name could describe Balaguer’s heartfelt, proactive movement to color young lives through creativity. The Read More
  • New Year Resolutions

    A few years ago, I ushered in the New Year with bare feet and new friends, just beyond the border of plush chaise lounges that extend Cabarete’s beach bars toward the open sea. Fireworks shot into the sky, and our Read More
  • Recovery Muse

    These improper thoughts were probably wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I had resisted her for almost two months, but my primal instincts could only take so much torment. Every day I would see her gliding past my villa in Read More
  • Xmas Time and Time to Make an Effort!

    The other day I was invited to share a completely LOCAL Xmas dinner with the residents of Barrio Blanco, the village that has become like my home and family here in Cabarete. For 5 years this village has gone through Read More
  • Cabarete Off-Piste

    Public transportation in a foreign country always takes some getting used to—perhaps in your own country, as well. But navigating the options from airport to lodging and then, once settled, from Cabarete to sites of interest, or nearby beaches and Read More
  • High Season Knocking on Our Door

    Cabarete is an all-year destination with event, activities, sports and fun, but peaks from December to April. We are almost there, and we can tell with all the events happening everywhere. Town is buzzing with expectations and business owners and Read More
  • Leaving the Travel Guide Behind

    They say ¨not all who wander are lost¨. I, for one, usually am. When I first started traveling—inaugural trip, a 2-month Eurail pass—pre-trip planning involved time spent in bookstores caressing the spines of beautiful, information-filled travel guides. Earnest descriptions of Read More
  • Lou Marin - 14 and A Kiter to Watch

    “This is my very first interview!” says Lou Marin, kiteboarder, slightly giddy at the prospect. Her eyes beam the same shade of blue as the painting behind her: a perfect wave at its crest, threatening to curl. Marin is a Read More
  • Bringing Christmas to Barrio Blanco

    Never a big holiday person, one of my first impressions of Cabarete in December was the relative absence of commercialized Christmas. In the US, Christmas starts just after Thanksgiving and consumes every TV, radio, and signpost along the way. I Read More
  • Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll…Maybe

    I’m going to tell you something. But you have to promise to keep it between us because it’s the dirty little secret that musicians don’t want anyone to know for fear that their cool factor will be shattered. Understandable really, Read More
  • Suami Cavallo

    Hailing from a hometown near Sicily, Suami Cavallo, kiteboarder extraordinaire, was only 2 when her family visited relatives in the Dominican Republic. “And then suddenly, I was 11!” exclaims the 13-year old athlete, breaking into a big, animated grin, her Read More
  • Colorful Weekend in Cabarete

    Cabarete Music & Arts Festival literally painted town red this past weekend! More than 15 murals and light poles were painted and decorated by local and international artists participating in this first cultural festival organized by independent artists, creative people Read More
  • The Little Soap Factory

    Italian born Emiliano Larizza arrived in Cabarete 3 years ago after spending almost 4 years in Santo Domingo as a professional photographer traveling between the DR and Haiti capturing images. He has traveled continents, worked for the United Nations and Read More
  • The Beauty In Our Differences

    When I first arrived in England I lived in a place called Luton, andbecame friends with a boy called Kym who was my very first Britishplaymate. We'd hang out together not speaking each other's languagebut somehow we were still able Read More
  • Introducing foilboarding

    Dylan Shewfelt is one of the kiters you will see months out of the year, day in and day out cruising the bay and giving Cabarete kiteboarding a good reputation. Always helpful and always the first one out and the Read More
  • Carnival parade in Cabarete

    Good news! For those who have missed the Carnival season, or just couldn’t make it out of Cabarete to the Carnival celebrations in La Vega, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo or any of the other big towns, a Carnival parade is Read More

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Lunch with jazz king of the North Coast: Anthony Jefferson

anthony jeffersonOn a summer day, we find ourselves driving uphill on a tiny road in the sunny beach town of Sosua, located on the cherished north shore of the Dominican Republic.

Samantha Chilvers: Fine Arts Gallery Opening

SAM CHILVERS"Earth without ART would just be EH."

We love art. Really! It may just the most dignifying way to express emotions, letting our insides out in a productive and creative way is just brilliant, there’s so many ideas and techniques out there and everyone can bring different perspectives to the table. 

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A Bittersweet Homecoming

Cabarete Vibes Dominican Republic Tiny Pirate LifestyleCabarete is like the bad, sexy boyfriend that you can't leave. The one that inspires a mad love affair that you can never let go of, and makes you feel alive. This, in spite of knowing deep down that at some point, the bewitching headiness will lead to no good. That is why Cabarete is so addictive. We all love the bad boy.

Teenage Self

Lifestyle Cabarete Tiny pirate Blog Claudia Batchelor Teenage SelfIf talking to oneself is a sign of madness then I am certifiably insane. I talk myself into escapades, (which then lead me to having to talk myself out of trouble), to the characters in my head which I create for my stories, when I need courage, in times of stress, when I’m happy, and to beat myself up when I've messed up.

Benjamin Cole Brown

Lifestyle Cabarete Benjamin Cole Brown Benjamin Cole Brown is one of the greatest humans beings I have had the honour to spend time with. I realise there are other people involved in his tragic accident, and my heart goes out to Chuck and Candy and all of their families and friends who are also going through this hell. However I didn't know them but I know Benjamin, and wanted to talk about him because he deserves our support. As I write this, we still don’t know where he and his friends are. If you are religious I ask for your prayers, if you are spiritual, I ask for your positive thoughts in bringing them all back.

To Salsa Is To love

Tiny Pirate Lifestyle Cabarete Salsa 1If you could live your life again what would you do? Would you do what you are doing now? Or would you change direction, be more daring, wild, or the total opposite? ***
Whilst I’ve been supremely fortunate to make a career out of the things I love, in my next life I would like to be a dancer. My friends and partners have always known this and indulged my psychotic moves across the years, and as I age (as I am unlikely to mature), I’m certain that I will be the embarrassing granny busting out my best shapes on the dancefloor, trying not to crack a hip.




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